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PPL CASA Sample Exam Questions

Actual CASA sample exam questions from the CASA website. Real CASA PPL-A exams have 55-60 questions, 3.5 hours, 70% pass mark.

Please note these are samples provided by CASA in paper form. We converted them to a fantastically usable online format. We have deliberately not changed these at all. For more PPL questions see the BAK page or  PPL page.

Latest Relevant Feedback

  • Jan 2017 There were few, if any, questions regarding general terminology. Maybe something about aircraft speeds or other aerospace subjects but not things like definition of latitude or nautical mile or UTC.
  • Jan 2017 One type of questions you are missing in the meteo section and which are popular in the CASA exam (I had 4) is this. Instead of bombarding
    you with questions like whether there are 4 or 6 figures in the timestamps, what is BKN, etc, they dump a screenful of ARFOR and then ask what the weather will be in a certain location (or during the flight from that to that) at a certain time. There are quite a few challenges apart from just deciphering the
    report. There are usually many layers of clouds, and most are localised in time or space.

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CASA Questions 1-16

Do questions 1 to 16

from CASA sample exams

CASA Questions 17-32

Do questions 17 to 32

from CASA sample exams

CASA Questions 33-49

Do questions 33 to 49

from CASA sample exams

CASA Questions 50-65

Do questions 50 to 65

from CASA sample exams

CASA Questions 66-80

Do questions 66 to 80

from CASA sample exams

CASA Questions 81-96

Do questions 81 to 96

from CASA sample exams

CASA Questions 97-112

Do questions 97 to 112

from CASA sample exams

CASA Questions 113-124

Do questions 113 to 124

from CASA sample exams

CASA Full PPL Exam

Do a full 60 questions from 120

All from CASA samples in < 3.5 hrs

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