Pilot Resources

Every student pilot, should be forced to watch the first video below, on avoiding stalls and spins. Also watch around 2 min 30 sec mark of the 3rd video.

Weather Webcams

Weather Cam Network for Australia (Google it)

Airservices Webcams 

Surf Cams for coastal weather Willy Weather

Thredbo Cams For Sky Views Of The Alps

Perisher Cams Mt Perisher & Kosciuszko 

All Snow Cams for visual info on mountain weather

Waterways NSW Webcams

Other Useful Resources

Australian Airports walking distance to pubs and food Google Maps Link

Flysafe Tutorial Pages - By John Brandon

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LIVE ATC to learn air phraseology 

Weather Resources

BOM 4 day synoptic charts

BOM Radars

BOM Meteye

New SatView Weather Radar 50x the definition - Amazing BOM

Plain English weather translator for NAIPS Area Forecast  ( http://www.anard.net/pemet/pemet.html ) 

How to read aviation weather

Graphical SIGMET

A great weather visual tool to show winds Earth Wind Map

Micro-burst  what they look like and a good post on it here . Look for the upturned air as it bounces off the ground...avoid avoid avoid.

Mountain Flying 3.3MB pdf - extremely vital info for the snowy mountains area and a great eye opener about flying in valleys and mountain wave. This could be a lifesaver.

Must Watch Videos

Avoiding Stall & Spin accidents  a must watch - 27min

Power On induced Stall and Spin 2min

Why You Never Stomp Rudder To Rush A Turn See 2:30min

Pilots are ready and they still lose 800-1200 feet in recover. Do that in a circuit and you die. Watch right near the end, 1200 feet to recover.

Why You Never Fly VFR Into IMC See 2:30min

This is about as close as it gets. Start watching around 1:50 and check out the close up at 2:02