Abbreviation Meaning Source
°T Bearing (true) AIS
°M Bearing (magnetic) AIS
A Amber ICAO
A/A Air to air AIS
A/G Air-to-ground AIS
AAA Amended meterological message ICAO
AAAA Aerial Application Association of Australia
AAC Airworthiness Advisory Circular CAR 1988
AACC Area approach control centre AIS
AAD Assigned altitude deviation AIS
AAIM Aircraft Autonomous Integrity Monitor
AAIS Automatic aerodrome information service AIS
AAL Above aerodrome level AIS
AAR Authorised Airworthiness Representative CASR Part 183
AAT Administrative Appeals Tribunal
ABAA Amateur Built Aircraft Acceptance CASR Part 21
ABAS Aircraft Based Augmentation System
ABF Australian Ballooning Federation
ABI Advance boundary information AIS
ABN Aerodrome beacon AIS
ABV Above... AIS
AC Advisory Circular CASR 1998
AC Altocumulus (met) ICAO/AIP
ACA Australian Commonwealth Authority
ACARS Aircraft communication addressing and reporting system (pronounced 'AY-CARS') AIS
ACAS Airborne Collision Avoidance System CAR 1988
ACC Area control centre AIS
ACCID Initial notification of an aircraft accident AIS
ACD Airways clearance delivery AIS
ACFT Aircraft AIS
ACJ-XXX Advisory Circular Joint (issued by the JAA, can be followed by a country code) JAA
ACK Acknowledge AIS
ACL Altimeter check location ICAO
ACN Aircraft classification number ICAO
ACN Australian company number
ACPT Accept, accepted AIS
ACROB Acrobatics
Act the Civil Aviation Act 1988
ACT Active, activated, activity AIS
AD Aerodrome ICAO/AIP
AD Airworthiness Directive CASR Part 39
ADA Advisory area ICAO
ADAO Authorised Design Approval Organisation CASR Part 146
ADC Aerodrome chart AIS
ADDGM Aerodrome diagrams AIS
ADDN Addition, additional AIS
ADF Automatic Direction Finding (equipment) AIS
ADF Australian Defence Force
ADIZ Air Defence Identification Zone ICAO/AIS
ADJ Adjacent AIS
ADO Aerodrome office ICAO
ADQ Adequate aerodrome AIS
ADR Advisory route
ADS The address (when this abbreviation is used to request a repetition, the question (IMI) precedes the abbreviation, eg IMI ADS) (to be used in AFS as a procedure signal) ICAO/AIP
ADS Automatic Dependent Surveillance AIP/ICAO
ADS-B Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast AIP
ADS-C Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Contract AIP
ADSU Automatic Dependent Surveillance Unit ICAO
ADZ Advise AIS
AEB CASA's Airworthiness Engineering Branch CASA
AEP Aerodrome emergency plan AIS
AER Authorised Engineering Representative CASR Part 183
AERIS Automatic en route information service AIS
AFAP Australian Federation of Air Pilots
AFCS Automatic flight control system ICAO
AFIL Flight notification: - filed in the air, or - indicating the position at which ATS services will first be required AIS
AFIS Aerodrome flight information service ICAO/AIP
AFM Aircraft Flight Manual CAR 1988
AFM Yes, affirm, affirmative, that is correct AIS
AFRU Aerodrome Frequency Response Unit (also known as a "beepback" unit) AIS
AFS Aeronautical fixed service ICAO/AIP
AFTN Aeronautical fixed telecommunication network ICAO
AFZ Australian fishing zone(s) AIS
Ag Agriculture
AGD Attorney-General's Department
AGL Above Ground Level ICAO/AIP
AH Artificial Horizon
AH After hours AIS
AIC Aeronautical Information Circular AIP
AIDC Air traffic services inter-facitility data communications ICAO
AIP Aeronautical Information Publication ICAO/AIP
AIP ENR Aeronautical Information Publication En-route
AIP ERSA Aeronautical Information Publication En-route Supplement Australia
AIP GEN Aeronautical Information Publication General
AIRAC Aeronautical Information Regulation and Control ICAO/AIP
AIRC Aeronautical Information and Control ICAO
AIRMET Information in plain language concerning weather significant to light aircraft operations at or below 10,000FT AIS
AIS Aeronautical Information Service AIP
AL Approach Lights AIS
ALA Aircraft Landing Area AIP
ALA Alighting area ICAO
ALA/HLS Aircraft Landing Area/Helicopter Landing Site
ALAEA Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association
ALARP As Low as Reasonably Practical AIS
ALERFA Alert phase AIS
ALI Airworthiness Limitation Item
ALM Aircraft Landing Minima AIS
ALR Alerting Message AIS
ALRS Approach lighting system ICAO
ALS Approach Lighting System AIS
ALT Altitude AIS
ALTN Alternate, Alternating (light alternates in colour) AIS
ALTN Alternate (aerodrome) AIS
AMA Area minimum altitude ICAO
AMC Acceptable Means of Compliance
AMD Amend, Amended AIS
AMDT Amendment (AIP amendment) ICAO/AIP
AME Aircraft Maintenance Engineer CASR Part 66
AMM Aircraft Maintenance Manual WATOG
AMO Approved Maintenance Organisation CASR Part 145
AMP Aircraft Maintenance Program CASR Part 145
AMPA Authorised Maintenance Personnel Assessor CASR Part 66
AMRD Australian Maintenance Requirements Document CASR Part 43
AMS Aircraft Maintenance Specialist CASR Part 145
AMSA Australian Maritime Safety Authority
AMSL Above Mean Sea Level AIS
AMSS Aeronautical mobile satellite service ICAO
AMT Aircraft Maintenance Technician CASR Part 66
ANA Air Navigation Act
ANC Aeronautical Chart 1:50,000 (followed by name/title) AIS
ANCS Aeronautical navigation chart - small scale (followed by name/title and scale) ICAO
ANO Air Navigation Order
ANTA Australian National Training Authority CASR Part 66
ANVIS Aviator Night Vision Imaging Systems
AO Air Operator
AOC Air Operators Certificate CASR Part 119
AOC Aerodrome Obstacle Chart (followed by name/title) AIS/AIP
AOCM Air Operators Certification Manual
AOD Alcohol and Other Drug CASA
AOG Aircraft On Ground WATOG
AOPA Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
AP Airport AIS
APAPI Abbreviated Precision Approach Path Indicator (pronounced 'AY-PAPI') AIS
APCH Approach AIS
APDC Aircraft Parking/Docking Chart (followed by name/title) AIS
APF Australian Parachute Federation
APMA Australian Parts Manufacturer Approval CASR Part 21
APP Approach Control AIS
APRX Approximate, Approximately AIS
APSG After Passing AIS
APU Auxillary power unit ICAO
APV Approach with Vertical Guidance
APV Approve, Approved, Approval AIS
ARFFS Aerodrome Rescue and Fire Fighting Service (sometimes referred to as RFFS) CASR Part 139
ARFL Aeroplane Reference Field Length AIS
ARFO Area Forecast
ARH Aircraft Registration Holder CASR Part 47
ARM Airspace Risk Model ICAO/CASA
ARM Aircraft Recovery Manual WATOG
ARN Aviation Reference Number CASA/AIP
ARNG Arrange AIS
ARO Air traffic services reporting office ICAO
ARP Aerodrome reference point ICAO/AIP
ARP Air-Report (message type designator) ICAO/AIP
ARQ Automatic error correction ICAO
ARR Arrive, Arrival AIS
ARS Special Air-Report (message type designator) AIS
ARST Arresting (specify (part of) aircraft arresting equipment) ICAO
AS Altostratus (meteorological) ICAO/AIP
AS Australian Standard
ASA Australian Skydiving Association
ASAC Australian Sports Aviation Confederation
ASAP As Soon as Possible AIS
ASC Ascend to or ascending ICAO
ASDA Accelerate-stop distance available ICAO
ASE Airborne Support Equipment WATOG
ASE Altimetry System Error ICAO/AIP
ASEPTA Approved Single-engine Turbine Aeroplane
ASF Aviation Safety Forum AIS
ASH Aviation Services Handbook
ASI Air Speed Indicator
ASI Aviation Safety Index
ASIR Aviation Safety Incident Report
ASR Area Surveillance Radar AIS
ASRA Australian Sport Rotorcraft Association
ASSI Air Safety Support International- a wholly-owned subsidiary of the UK Civil Aviation Authority Air Safety Support International (UK)
ASTM American Society for Testing Materials
ASTRA Australian Strategic Air Traffic Management Group
AT-VASIS Abbreviated 'T' Visual Approach Slope Indicator System (pronounced 'AY-TEE-VASIS') AIS
AT... At (followed by time at which weather change is forecast to occur) ICAO
ATA Actual Time of Arrival AIS
ATA Air Transport Association
ATC Air Traffic Control (in general) ICAO/AIP
ATD Actual Time of Departure AIS
ATE Automatic Test Equipment WATOG
ATEL/ANAV Aeronautical Telecommunication and Radio Navigation Services CASR Part 171
ATFM Air Traffic Flow Management AIS
ATIS Automatic terminal information service ICAO
ATM Air traffic management ICAO/AIP
ATN Aeronautical telecommunications network ICAO
ATO Aviation Testing Officer
ATP At.. (time or place) ICAO
ATPL Airline Transport Pilot Licence
ATS Air Traffic Service(s)
ATSB Australian Transport Safety Bureau
ATSO Australian Technical Standard Order CASR Part 21
ATSOA Australian Technical Standard Order Authorisation CASR Part 21
ATTN Attention AIS
ATZ Aerodrome traffic zone ICAO
AUF Australian Ultralight Federation (now Recreational Aviation Australia)
AUTH Authorised, Authorisation AIS
AUW All Up Weight AIS
AUX Auxiliary AIS
AVBL Available AIS
AVG Average AIS
AVGAS Aviation Gasoline AIS
AVM Abrupt Vertical Manoeuvres (by the MIL) AIS
AWB Airworthiness Bulletin
AWIB Aerodrome Weather Information Broadcast AIS
AWK Aerial Work (Air work - general aviation) AIS
AWS Automatic Weather Station AIS
AWTA Advise as to what time is available ICAO
BA Braking action ICAO
BASA Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement
BASE Cloud Base (met) AIS
BCFG Fog Patches (met) AIS
BCN Beacon (aeronautical ground light) AIS
BCST Broadcast AIS
BDRY Boundary AIS
BECMG Becoming AIS
BETA Manually controlled mode for constant speed propellers or turbo prop aircraft
BFR Before AIS
BIP-M Basic Instruction Package for Meteorologists
BIPMT Basic Instruction Package for Meteorological Technicians
BITE Built In Test Equipment WATOG
BKN Broken (cloud descriptor) (met) AIS
BL... Blowing (followed by DU=dust, SA=sand or SN=snow) AIS
BLDG Building AIS
BLO Below Clouds AIS
BOM Bureau of Meteorology AIS
BOMB Bombing AIS
BRF Short (used to indicate type of approach) AIS
BRG Bearing AIS
BRKG Braking AIS
BRW Brakes release weight
BS Broadcasting Station (Commercial) AIS
BTL Between Layers AIS
BTN Between AIS
C Degrees Celsius (Centigrade) AIS
C Centre (Runway) AIS
CA Course Acquisition
CA/GRO Certified Air/Ground Radio Operator CASR Part 139
CA/GRS Certified Air/Ground Radio Service CASR Part 171
CAA NZ Civil Aviation Authority New Zealand
CAAP Civil Aviation Advisory Publication CAR 1988
CAGRO Certified Air Ground Radio Operation AIP
CAMO Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation
CAMP Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance Program CASR Part 145
CAO Civil Aviation Order
CAR Civil Aviation Regulations 1988
CAS Calibrated air speed ICAO
CASA Civil Aviation Safety Authority
CASR Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998
CAT Category AIS
CAT Clear Air Turbulence AIS
CAVOK Visibility, cloud and present weather better than prescribed values or conditions AIS
CB Cumulonimbus (met) AIS
CBT Competency-based Training
CC Cirrocumulus (met) AIS
CCA Corrected meteorological message (for CCB, CCC..etc., in sequence) (message type designator) ICAO
CCF Capability Check Flight
CCTS Circuits AIS
CD Candela ICAO
CDCCL Critical Design Configuration Control Limit
CDI Course Direction Indicator
CDL Configuration Deviation List CASR Part 43
CDN Coordination (message type designator) ICAO
CEN En Route and Area ATC unit AIS
CEO Chief Executive Officer
CET Clearance Expiry Time AIS
CF Change Frequency to AIS
CFI Chief Flying Instructor CAR 1988
CFIT Controlled Flight into Terrain
CFL Cleared Flight Level AIS
CFM Confirm, I confirm AIS
CG Centre of gravity ICAO
CGL Circling guidance light(s) ICAO
CH This is a channel continuity check of transmission to permit comparision of your record of channel-sequence numbers of messages received on the channel (to be used in AFS as a procedure signal) ICAO
CHG Modification (message type designator) ICAO
CHTR Charter AIS
CI Cirrus (met) AIS
CIDIN Common ICAO data interchange network ICAO
CIR Command Instrument Rating CAR 1988
CIT Near, Over Large Town(s) AIS
CK Check AIS
CL Centre Line AIS
CLA Clear type of ice formation AIS
CLBR Calibration AIS
CLD Cloud (met) AIS
CLG Calling AIS
CLIAS Climbing Indicated Airspeed AIS
CLMAX Maximum Co-efficient of Lift
CLR Clear, Cleared to... Clearance AIS
CLSD Closed, Close, Closing AIS
CM (cm) Centimetre AIS
CMB Climb to or Climbing to AIS
CMM Component Maintenance Manual WATOG
CMPL Configuration, Maintenance and Procedures
CMPL Completion, Completed, or Complete AIS
CMR Certification Maintenance Requirements
CMSD Commissioned AIS
CNL Cancel AIS
CNL Flight plan cancellation message AIS
CNS Communications, Navigation and Surveillance AIS
COA Certificates of Approval (issued to maintenance organisations) CAR 1988
CofA Certificate of Airworthiness CAR 1988
COM Communications AIS
CONC Concrete AIS
COND Condition AIS
CONS Continuous AIS
CONST Construction, Constructed AIS
CONT Continue(s), Continued AIS
COOR Coordinate, Coordinated AIS
COORD Coordinates AIS
COP Change over point ICAO
CoR Certificate of Registration CAR 1988
COR Correct, Corrected, Correction AIS
COS Conical Surface AIS
COT At the Coast, Coastal AIS
COV Cover, Covered, Covering AIS
CP Chief Pilot CAR 1988
CPDLC Controller-Pilot Data Link Communication ICAO/AIP
CPL Commercial Pilot Licence CAR 1988
CPL Current flight plan ICAO
CRC Cyclic redundancy check ICAO
CRIS Cost Recovery Impact Statement Department of Finance
CRM Crew Resource Management CASR Part 121
CRZ Cruise AIS
CS Cirrostratus (met) AIS
CS Call sign AIS
CSDD Common Support Data Dictionary published by the Air Transport Association of America (ATA). The CSDD replaces the WATOG.
CSU Constant Speed Unit
CTA Control Area AIS
CTAF Common Traffic Advisory Frequency CASR Part 172/AIP
CTAF(R) Common Traffic Advisory Frequency - (Radio) AIS
CTAM Climb to and maintain ICAO
CTC Category Technical Competency CAR 1988
CTL Control AIS
CTN Caution AIS
CTR Control Zone AIP
CU Cumulus (met) AIS
CUF Cumuliform (met) AIS
CUST Customs AIS
CVR Cockpit voice recorder ICAO/AIP
CW Carrier Wave ICAO
CWY Clearway AIS
D Deleted AIS
D Downward (tendency in RVR (Runway visual range) during previous 10 minutes) ICAO
D-ATIS Data Link Automatic Terminal Information Service (pronounced'DEE-ATIS') AIS
D... Danger Area (followed by identification) AIS
DA Decision Altitude AIS
DA/H Decision Altitude/Height AIP
DALR Dry Adiabatic Lapse Rate
DAME Designated Aviation Medical Examiner CASR Part 67
DAO Designated Aviation Ophthamologist CASR Part 67
DAP Departure and Approach Procedures AIP
DCD Double channel duplex ICAO
DCKG Docking AIS
DCMSD Decommissioned AIS
DCPC Direct Controller-Pilot Communications AIS
DCS Double channel simplex ICAO
DCT Direct (in relation to flight plan clearances and type of approach) AIS
DE Form (used to preceed the call sign of the calling station) (to be used in AFS as a procedure signal) ICAO/AIP
DEC December AIS
DEG Degrees AIS
DEP Depart, Departure, Departed, Departing, Departure Message AIS
DER Departure End of Runway AIP
DER Designated Engineering Representative FAR
DES Descend to, Descending to AIS
DEST Destination AIS
DETRESFA Distress Phase AIS
DEV Deviation, Deviating AIS
DF Direction Finder/ Finding AIS
DFDR Digital Flight Data Recorder AIS
DFTI Distance from touchdown indicator ICAO
DGA Distance Measuring Equipment or Global Positioning Satellite System Arrival
DH Decision Height ICAO
DIF Diffuse AIS
DISP Displaced AIS
DIST Distance AIS
DIV Diversion, Divert, Diverting AIS
DLA Delay (message type designator) ICAO/AIP
DLIC Data Link Initiation Capability AIS
DMC Direct Maintenance Cost WATOG
DME Distance Measuring Equipment ICAO/AIP
DMEN DME (International) AIS
DMEP DME (International Precision used in conjunction with Microwave Landing System) AIS
DNG Danger, Dangerous AIS
DOC Direct Operating Cost WATOG
DOC Documents AIS
DoD Department of Defence
DOM Domestic AIS
DP Dew Point Temperature ICAO/AIP
DP Discussion Paper CASA
DR Dead Reckoning (navigation) ICAO
DR... Low drifting (followed by DU=dust, SA=sand or SN=snow) AIS
DRG During AIS
DS Dust storm AIS
DSB Double sideband ICAO
DTAM Descend to And Maintain AIS
DTG Date-Time Group AIS
DTHR Displaced Runway Threshold AIS
DTRT Deteriorate, Deteriorating AIS
DTW Dual tandem wheels ICAO
DUC Dense Upper Cloud (met) AIS
DUPE This is a duplicate message (to be used in Aeronautical Fixed Service as a procedure signal) ICAO
DUR Duration AIS
DW Dual wheels ICAO
DZ Drizzle AIS
E East, East Longitude AIS
E E E Error (to be used in AFS as a procedure signal) ICAO
EASA European Aviation Safety Agency
EAT Expected Approach Time AIS
EB Eastbound AIS
ECAR European Civil Aviation Requirement (formerly JAR)
EDTO Extended Diversion Time Operations
EET Estimated Elapsed Time AIS
EFB Electronic Flight Bag
EFC Expect further clearance ICAO
EGNOS European Geostationary Navigation Overlay System
EGPWS Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System CAR 1988
EHF Extremely high frequency (30,000 to 300,000 MHz) ICAO/AIP
EHR Encumbrance Holder Register CASR Part 47
ELBA Emergency locator beacon-aircraft ICAO
ELEV Elevation AIS
ELR Extra Long Range AIS
ELT(S) Emergency Locator Transmitter (Survival) CAR 1988
EM Engine Manual WATOG
EM Explanatory Memorandum (submitted to EXCO with regulation amendment)
EM Emission AIS
EMBD Embedded in a Layer (to indicate cumulonimbus embedded in layers of other clouds) AIS
EMERG Emergency AIS
EMS Emergency Medical Service
EMS Environment Management System
END Stop-end (related to RVR) ICAO
ENDCE Endurance AIS
ENE East North-East AIS
ENG Engine AIS
ENR En Route AIS
ENRC En Route Chart (followed by name/title) AIS
EOBT Estimated off Blocks Time AIS
EPA Environment Protection Agency
EPIRB Electronic Position Indicating Radio Beacon (marine term.) AIS
EQPT Equipment AIS
ER Here..or herewith ICAO
ERC En-route Chart AIS
ERP Emergency Response Plan
ERSA En-route Supplement Australia AIP
ES Explanatory Statement (tabled with regulations in Parliament)
ESD Electrostatic sensitive discharge
ESDE ESD equipment
ESE East Southeast AIS
ESIR Electronic safety incident report
EST Estimate or estimated or estimate (message type designator) AIS
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival, Estimating Arrival AIS
ETCM Engine trend and condition monitoring
ETD Estimated Time of Departure, Estimating Departure AIS
ETO Estimated Time Over significant point AIS
ETOPS Extended range operations by turbine-engined aeroplanes ICAO
ETP Equi Time Interval
ETT Estimated Time Interval
EV Every AIS
EVU Enforceable Voluntary Undertaking Civil Aviation Act 1988
EXC Except AIS
EXCO Executive Council
EXER Exercises, Exercising, to exercise AIS
EXP Expect, Expected, Expecting AIS
EXTD Extend, Extending, Extended AIS
F Fixed (chart symbol) AIS
FAA Federal Aviation Administration of the USA
FAAOC Foreign Aircraft Air Operator's Certificate CASR Part 129
FAC Facility, Facilities AIS
FADEC Full Authority Digital Engine Control
FAF Final Approach Fix AIP/ICAO
FAL Facilitation of International Air AIS
FAP Final Approach Point AIP/ICAO
FARs Federal Aviation Regulations (Federal Aviation Administration of the USA)
FATO Final approach and take-off area ICAO/AIP
FAWP Final Approach Waypoint AIS
FAX Facsimile Transmission AIS
FBL Light (used to indicate the intensity of WX phenomena, interference or static reports, eg BL RA = light rain) AIS
FC Funnel Cloud (tornado or water spout) AIS
FCST Forecast AIS
FCT Friction coefficient ICAO
FD Fault Detection
FDE Fault detection and exclusion (in relation to GPS equipment)
FDL Fixed Distance Lighting AIS
FDPS Flight Data Processing system AIS
FDS Flight Director System
FEW Few (cloud descriptor) AIS
FFR Flood, Fire Relief AIS
FIA Flight Information Area AIS
FIC Flight Information Centre AIS
FIO Flight Information Office AIS
FIR Flight Information Region ICAO/AIP
FISA Flight information service (automated) ICAO
FISS Flight Information Service Station AIS
FIX Fault Isolation Manual WATOG
FL Flight Level ICAO/AIP
FLG Flashing AIS
FLIR Forward Looking Infra Red
FLR Flares AIS
FLTCK Flight check ICAO/AIP
FLUC Fluctuating, Fluctuation, Fluctuated AIS
FLW Follow(s), Following AIS
FLY Fly, Flying AIS
FM... From (followed by time weather change is forecast to begin) AIS
FMS Flight Management System ICAO
FMU Flow Management Unit AIS
FNA Final Approach AIS
FNPT Flight and Navigation Procedures Trainer ICAO
FOD Foreign Object Damage WATOG
FOI Flying Operations Inspector
FPD Flight Plan Designator AIS
FPL Filed Flight Plan Message AIS
FPM Feet per Minute AIS
FPR Flight Plan Route AIS
FR Fuel Remaining AIS
FREQ Frequency AIS
FRM Fault Reporting Manual WATOG
FRMS Fatigue Risk Management System
FRONT Front (relating to weather) ICAO
FRQ Frequent AIS
FS Flight Service (in general) AIS
FSA Flight Safety Australia
FSL Full Stop Landing AIS
FSP Fish Spotting AIS
FSS Flight service station ICAO
FTD Flight training device CASR Part 60
FTE Full time equivalent
FTO Flight Training Organisation
FU Smoke AIS
FZ Freezing AIS
FZDZ Freezing Drizzle AIS
FZFG Freezing Fog AIS
FZL Freezing Level AIS
FZRA Freezing Rain AIS
G Gravity
G Green AIS
G/A Ground-to-air ICAO
G/A/G Ground-to-air and air-to-ground ICAO
GA Go ahead, resume sending (to be used in AFS as a procedure signal) ICAO
GA General Aviation CAR 1988
GAAP General Aviation Aerodrome Procedures AIS
GAMET Area forecast for low-level flights ICAO
GAPAN Honourable Company of Air Pilots, Australia, Inc.
GBAS Ground Based Augmentation System
GCA Ground Controlled Approach AIS
GCN General Computing Network (operated by Airservices Australia) AIS
GDOP Geometric Dilution of Precision
GEN General AIS
GEO Geographic, true AIS
GES Ground Earth Station AIS
GFA The Gliding Federation of Australia
GFY Glider Flying AIS
GHA Ground handling agents
GIVD Gravity Induced Vestibular Dysfunction
GLD Glider AIS
GLOC Gravity Induced Loss of Consciousness
GLONASS Global Orbiting Navigation Satellite System (pronounced 'GLO-NAS') AIS
GM Guidance Material
GMC Ground Movement Chart (followed by name/title) AIS
GND Ground AIS
GNDCK Ground Check AIS
GNS Global Navigation System AIS
GNSS Global navigation satellite system ICAO/AIP
GP Guiding principles CAR 1998
GP Glide Path ICAO/AIP
GP FLG Group Flashing (number) (used in conjunction with aerodrome lighting) AIS
GPI Glide Path Intercept AIS
GPS Global positioning system (see GNSS)
GPWS Ground proximity warning system
GRAD Minimum Required Climb Gradient AIS
GRAS Ground Based Regional Augmentation System
GRASS Grass Landing Area AIS
GRIB Processed meteoroglogical data in the form of grid point values expressed in binary form (aeronautical meterological code) ICAO/AIP
GS Groundspeed AIS
GS Small Hail and/or Snow Pellets AIS
GSE Ground Support Equipment WATOG
GUND Geoid Undulation AIS
H24 Continuous day and night service AIS
HAA Height Above Aerodrome AIS
HAA Helicopter Association of Australia
HAAMC Head of Aircraft Airworthiness and Maintenance Control Aviation Law in Australia, 2004 edition
HAM Head of Aircraft Maintenance CASR Part 145
HAMC Head of Aircraft Maintenance Control CASR Part 145
HAPI Helicopter approach path indicator ICAO
HAT Height Above Threshold AIS
HBN Hazard Beacon AIS
HDF High frequency direction-finding station ICAO
HDG Heading AIS
HDS Hours of Daylight Saving AIS
HEL Helicopter AIS
HF Human Factors
HF High Frequency (3000 to 30,000 KHZ) AIS
HFEM Human Factor and Error Management System
HGFA Hang Gliding Federation of Australia Inc
HGS Heads-up Guidance System
HGT Height, Height Above AIS
HIAL High Intensity Approach Lighting AIS
HIOL High Intensity Obstacle Lights AIS
HIRL High Intensity Runway Lighting AIS
HJ Sunrise to Sunset AIS
HLDG Holding AIS
HLS Helicopter Landing Site AIS
HMI Human-machine Interface
HN Sunset to Sunrise AIS
HO Service available to meet operational requirements AIS
HOFO Head of Flying Operations
HOO Head of Operations
HOSP Hospital Aircraft
HOTAS Head of Training and Standards AIS
HOTC Head of Training and Checking
HP Horse Power
HPA HectoPascal
HR Hours AIS
HS Homestead AIS
HS Service available during hours of scheduled operations AIS
HSL Hold Short Lights AIS
HUD Head Up Display AIS
HURCN Hurricane
HVDF High and very high frequency direction finding stations (at the same location) AIS
HVY Heavy (used to indicate the intensity of WX phenomena, eg HVY RA = heavy rain) AIS
HX No specific working hours AIS
HYR Higher AIS
HZ (hz) Hertz AIS
HZS Horizontal Surface AIS
IA Inspection authorisation AIS
IAC Instrument approach chart (followed by name/title) FAR
IAF Initial Approach Fix ICAO/AIP
IAL Instrument Approach and Landing Chart AIS
IAO In and out of clouds AIS
IAP Instrument Approach Plate AIS
IAR Intersection of air routes
IAS Indicated air speed ICAO
IATA International Air Transport Association ICAO
IAW In Accordance With
IAWP Initial Approach Way-point
IBN Identification Beacon AIS
IC Ice Crystals (MET code) AIS
ICA Instructions for continuing airworthiness (issued by manufacturer or designer) AIS
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization CAR 1998
ICE Icing, Ice ICAO
ICUS In-command Under Supervision AIS
ID Identifier, identify
IDENT Identification AIS
IF Instrument Flight AIS
IF Intermediate Approach Fix
IFF Identification Friend/Foe AIS
IFR Instrument flight rules AIS
IFSD In-flight Shutdown ICAO/AIP
IG Implementation Group
IGA International general aviation
ILS Instrument Landing System /AIPICAO
IM Inner Marker AIS
IMC Instrument meteorological conditions (other than VMC) AIS
IMC Indirect Maintenance Cost CAR 1988
IMG Immigration WATOG
IMI Interrogation sign AIS
IMPR Improve, Improving, Improvement ICAO
IMT Immediate, Immediately AIS
INA Initial approach AIS
INC In Cloud AIS
INCERFA Uncertainty Phase AIS
INFO Information AIS
INOP Inoperative AIS
INP If not possible AIS
INPR In progress ICAO
INS Inertial Navigation System ICAO
INSTL Install, Installed, Installation AIS
INSTR Instrument AIS
INT Intersection AIS
INTER Intermittent, Intermittently (meteorological) AIS
INTL International AIS
INTRG Interrogator AIS
INTRP Interrupt, Interruption, Interrupted AIS
INTSF Intensify, Intensifying AIS
INTST Intensity AIS
IoA Instrument of appointment AIS
IOC Indirect Operating Cost CAR 1988
IOE Initial Operational Experience WATOG
IPC Illustrated Parts Catalogue
IR Ice on runway WATOG
IREX Instrument Training Examination ICAO
IRM Immediately Reportable Matters ATSB
IRS Internal Reporting System
ISA International Standard Atmosphere
ISB Independent Sideband AIS
ISIM Integrated Safety Investigation Methodology CASA
ISO9000 International Organization for Standardization
ISOL Isolated
ITT Interstage Turbine Temperature AIS
IWI Illuminated Wind Indicator
IWP Intermediate Way-point AIS
J-BAR Jet Barrier AIS
JAA Joint Aviation Authorities (of Europe) AIS
JAR Joint Aviation Requirements (of the European JAA)
JAR-OPS JAR Operations AIS
JTSO Joint Technical Standard Order AIS
JTST Jet Stream AIS
KDR Knowledge Deficiency Report AIS
KG (kg) Kilograms AIS
KHZ (kHz) Kilohertz
KM (km) Kilometers AIS
KMH (km/h) Kilometers per hour AIS
KPA (kPa) Kilopascals AIS
KT (kt) Knots AIS
KW (kw) Kilowatts AIS
L Left (runway identification) AIS
L Locator (see LM, LO) AIS
LAAS Local Area Augmentation System AIS
LAHSO Land and Hold Short Operations AIS
LAME Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
LAN Inland AIS
LAT Latitude CASR Part 66
LDA Landing distance available AIS
LDG Landing AIS
LDI Landing Direction Indicator ICAO/AIP
LDP Landing decision point AIS
LEN Length AIS
LF Low Frequency (30 to 300 KHZ) ICAO
LGT Light, Lighting AIS
LGTD Lighted AIS
LIH Light Intensity High AIS
LIL Light Intensity Low AIS
LIM Light Intensity Medium AIS
LIOL Low Intensity Obstacle Lights AIS
LIRL Low Intensity Runway Lights AIS
LJR Low Jet Route AIS
LL Lower Limit AIS
LLN Low-level Navigation (by the MIL) AIS
LLO Low Level Operations (by the MIL) AIS
LLZ Localizer AIS
LM Locator (middle) AIS
LMT Local mean time AIS
LO Locator (outer) AIS
LOC Locally, Location, Located, Local AIS
LOE Lane of Entry AIS
LONG Longitude AIS
LOSA Line Operations Safety Audit AIS
LPT Liquid Penetrant Test AIS
LRCS Long-range communication system
LRG Long Range
LRI Line Replaceable Item FAR
LRNS Long-range navigation system AIS
LRU Line Replaceable Unit WATOG
LSA Light Sport Aircraft FAR
LSALT Lowest safe altitude WATOG
LSd CASA's Legal Services Division
LTD Limited
LUL Lowest Usable Level CASA
LV Light and Variable (relating to wind) AIS
LVE Leave, Leaving AIS
LYR Layer, Layered AIS
M Mach number (followed by figures ie .02 = Mach .02) AIS
M (m) Metres (preceded by figures) AIS
M/E Multi-engine AIS
MAAT Manual Authoring and Assessment Tool CASA
MAE Men and Equipment
MAG Magnetic
MAHWP Missed Approach Holding Way-point AIS
MAINT Maintenance AIS
MAN Manual AIS
MAP Aeronautical Maps and Charts AIS
MAP Manifold Air Pressure AIS
MAPT Missed Approach Point AIS
MAR At Sea
MAUW Maximum All Up Weight AIS
MAWP Missed Approach Waypoint AIS
MAX Maximum
MBST Microburst AIS
MBZ Mandatory Broadcast Zone AIS
MCC Multi-crew Co-ordination AIP
MCM Maintenance control manual CASA
MCQFS Manual of criteria for the qualification of flight simulators ICAO Doc 9625-AN/938
MCUR Mean Cycles Between Unscheduled Removals CASR Part 145
MCW Modulated Continuous Wave CASR Part 60
MDA Minimum Descent Altitude WATOG
MDF Medium Frequency Direction Finding Station AIS
MDR Major Defect Report AIS
MEA Minimum En-route Altitude AIS
MED Medical CAR 1988
MEL Minimum equipment list AIS
MERSITAB Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services Industry Training Advisory Body AIS
MET Meteorological, Meteorology ICAO
MET REPORT Aviation routine weather report CASR Part 66
METAR Aviation routine weather report (in aeronautical meteorological code) AIS
MF Medium Frequency (300 to 3000 KHZ) AIS
MHZ (mhz) Megahertz AIS
MIFG Shallow Fog AIS
MIL Military AIS
MIL-STD Military Standard AIS
MIN Minutes AIS
MIOL Medium Intensity Obstacle Lights
MIRL Medium Intensity Runway Lights AIS
MISC Miscellaneous AIS
MKR Marker Radio Beacon AIS
MLJ Military Low Jet AIS
MLJR Military Low Jet Route AIS
MLS Microwave Landing System AIS
MLW Maximum Landing Weight AIS
MM Middle Marker AIS
MMEL Master minimum equipment list AIS
MNM Minimum AIS
MNT Monitor, Monitoring, ICAO
MNTN Maintain, Maintained, Maintaining AIS
MOA Military Operating Area AIS
MOC Minimum obstacle clearance (required) AIS
MOD Moderate, Moderately AIS
MOD Moderate (used to indicate the intensity of WX phenomena, interference or static reports, eg MOD RA = moderate rain). ICAO/AIP
MON Above Mountains AIS
MOPS Minimum Operational Performance Standards AIS
MOS Manual of Standards AIS
MOU Memorandum of understanding AIS
MOV Move, Moved, Moving, Movement CAR 1998
MOWP Method of Working Plan
MPD Maintenance Planning Data AIS
MPI Magnetic Particle Inspection AIS
MPL Multi-crew Pilot Licence ATA/FAR
MPS Metres per Second
MPT Magnetic Particle Inspection Technician ICAO Annex 1 'Personnel Licensing'
MRB Maintenance Review Board AIS
MRBR Maintenance Review Board Report
MRG Medium Range ATA/FAR
MRO Maintenance, repair and overhaul
MRP ATS/MET Reporting Point AIS
MS Minus CASR Part 145
MSA Minimum sector altitude AIS
MSAS Multi-function Transport Satellite (MTSAT) Satellite-based Augmentation System AIS
MSDS Material Safety Data Sheets AIP
MSG Message
MSG Maintenance Steering Group
MSG-3 Maintenance Steering Group Logic Process AIS
MSI Maintenance Significant Item ATA/FAR
MSL Mean Sea Level
MSOS Maintenance specific operation specification WATOG
MSSR Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar AIS
MT Mountain CASR Part 145
MTBF Mean Time Between Failure AIS
MTBR Mean Time Between Removals AIS
MTBUR Mean Time Between Unscheduled Removals WATOG
MTO Maintenance training organisation WATOG
MTOW Maximum take-off weight WATOG
MTP Maximum Tyre Pressure CASR Part 147
MTSAT Multi-function Transport Satellite AIP
MTTF Mean Time To Failure AIS
MTTR Mean Time To Repair
MTTUR Mean Time To Unscheduled Removal WATOG
MTUR Special Term For Data Transmittal WATOG
MTW Mountain waves WATOG
MVA Minimum Vector Altitude WATOG
MWO Meteorological Watch Office AIS
MX Mixed type of ice formation (white and clear) AIS
N North, North Latitude AIS
N1 Gas Generator Speed AIS
N2 Second Stage Turbine Speed AIS
NAA National Airworthiness Authority (for a country other than Australia)
NAD Non-acqueous Developer
NAIPS National aeronautical information processing system CAR 1998
NANDTB National Aerospace Non-destructive Testing Board
NANU Notice Advisory to NavStar Users AIP
NAP Noise Abatement Procedures
NAS National Airspace System
NASC National AIS System Centre AIS
NAV Navigation
NAVAID Navigation Aid AIS
NAWD Non-acqueous Wet Developer AIS
NB Northbound AIS
NBFR Not Before
NC No Change AIS
NDB Non-directional Radio Beacon AIS
NDI Non-destructive inspection AIS
NDT Non-destructive testing AIS
NE Northeast AIS
NEG Negative, No. Permission not granted or, That is not correct CAR 1988
NFRM Notice of Final Rule Making AIS
NG Gas Generator Speed AIS
NIL None
NM Nautical Miles AIS
NML Normal AIS
NNE North North-East AIS
NNW North North-West AIS
NOF International NOTAM Office AIS
NOSIG No Significant Change AIS
NOTAM Notice To Airmen AIS
NOZ Normal Operating Zone AIP
NP Propeller Speed AIS
NPA Non-precision approach (procedures at aerodromes) AIS
NPC Notice of proposed change (consultation for amendment to a MOS)
NPRM Notice of proposed rule making AIS
NSC Nil Significant Cloud CAR 1998
NTA No TAF Amendment CASA
NTL National AIS
NTS Negative Torque Sensing System AIS
NTSB National Transportation Safety Board (of the USA) AIS
NTZ No-transgression zone
NVD Night Vision Device
NVED Night Vision Enhancement Devices AIP/ICAO
NVET National vocational education and training
NVFR Night Visual Flight Rules
NVG Night Vision Goggles (by the MIL) CASR Part 66
NVIS Night Vision Imaging Systems
NW North-West AIS
NXT Next
NZ New Zealand AIS
NZ CAA New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority AIS
NZS New Zealand Standard
O/R On Request
OAR Office of Airspace Regulation
OAT Outside Air Transport
OAT Outside Air Temperature CASA
OBPR Office of Best Practice Regulation
OBPR Office of Best Practice Regulation
OBS Omni Bearing Selector
OBS Observe, Observed, Observation
OBSC Obscure, Obscured, Obscuring
OBST Obstacle
OBSTR Obstruction
OC Operating Certificate
OCA Obstacle Clearing Altitude
OCA Oceanic Control Area
OCC Occulting (light)
OCH Obstacle Clearance Height
OCNL Occasional, Occasionally
OCTA Outside Control Area
OCTR Outside Control Zone
OEI One Engine Inoperative AIS
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
OFZ Obstacle Free Zone
OHD Overhead
OHS Occupation Health and Safety
OHSMS Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems
OIS Obstacle Identification Surface
OLC Office of Legal Counsel
OLDI On-line Data Interchange
OLS Obstacle Limitation Surface
OM Operations Manual
OM Outer Marker
OPA Opaque, white type of ice formation
OPC Office of Parliamentary Counsel
OPMET Operational Meteorological
OPN Operational Notification Message (message type designator)
OPN Open, Opening, Opened
OPR Operator, Operate, Operative, Operating, Operational
OPS Operations
OSIP Overhaul and Special Inspections Periods
OT Other Times CASA
OTAC Overseas Territories Aviation Circulars Air Safety Support International (UK)
OTAR Overseas Territories Aviation Requirements Air Safety Support International (UK)
OTLK Outlook (used in Sigmet messages for volcanic ash and tropical cyclones) Air Safety Support International (UK)
OTP On Top Air Safety Support International (UK)
OUBD Outboard
OVC Overcast
OW Over Water
P.. Prohibited Area (followed by identification)
PA Precision Approach
PAL Pilot Activated Lighting AIS
PANS Procedures for Air Navigation Services
PANS-OPS Procedures for Air Navigation Services - Aircraft Operations ICAO Doc 8168 Vol I and II AIS
PAPI Precision Approach Path Indicator AIS
PAR Precision Approach Radar ICAO
PARL Parallel AIS
PATC Precision Approach Terrain Chart (followed by name/title) AIS
PAX Passengers AIS
PBM Power Plant Build-Up Manual AIS
PC Personal Computer AIS
PCATD Personal Computer-based Aviation Training Device WATOG
PCD Proceed, Proceeding
PCL Pilot Controlled Lighting
PCN Pavement classification number AIS
PCT Practical consolidation training AIS
PDC Pre-Departure Clearance ICAO/AIP
PDO Product distribution organisation CASR Part 66
PDOP Positional Dilution of Precision AIS
PDSE Pre-departure Service Check CASR Part 144
PEC Pressure Error Correction
PERM Permanent
PFC Porous Friction Course AIS
PFR Preferred Route AIS
PH Public Holiday AIS
PIB Pre-flight information bulletin AIS
PIC Pilot-in-command AIS
PICUS Pilot-in-Command Under Supervision ICAO/AIP
PIFR Private IFR rating CAR 1988
PILS Practice ILS
PIREP Pilot Reports CAR 1988
PJE Parachute Jumping Exercise AIS
PL Ice Pellets WATOG
PLN Flight Plan AIS
PLVL Present Level CASA
PMP Primary Maintenance Process AIS
PN Prior Notice Required AIS
PNR Point of No Return WATOG
PO Dust Devils AIS
POB Persons on Board AIS
POH Pilot Operating Handbook
POSS Possible AIS
PPI Plan Position Indicator
PPL Private Pilot Licence AIS
PPR Prior Permission Required AIS
PPS Precise Positioning Service CAR 1988
PPSN Present Position AIS
PRD Prohibited, Restricted and Danger Areas
PRFG Aerodrome Partially Covered by Fog (MET code) AIS
PRI Primary AIS
PRKG Parking AIS
PRM Precision Runway Monitoring AIS
PRM Precision runway monitoring AIS
PROB Probable, Probability AIS
PROC Procedure AIP
PROV Provisional AIS
PSG Passing AIS
PSN Position AIS
PSP Pierced Steel Plank AIS
PSR Primary Surveillance Radar AIS
PSYS Pressure System(s) AIS
PTBL Portable AIS
PTN Procedure Turn AIS
PTT Push To Talk AIS
PVT Private AIS
PWR Power
QDM Magnetic Heading (zero wind) AIS
QDR Magnetic Bearing AIS
QEC Quick Engine Change Unit AIP
QFE An altimeter set to QFE will read zero when the aircraft is on the runway AIP
QMS Quality Management System WATOG
QNH Altimeter subscale setting to obtain elevation or altitude
QTE True Bearing
QTG Qualification test guide AIS
QUAD Quadrant AIP
R Red
R Right (runway system identification) AIS
R.... Restricted Area (followed by number) AIS
R/T Radio Telephone AIS
RA-Aus Recreational Aviation Australia
RAAA Recreational Aviation Association of Australia AIS
RAAO Recreational Aviation Administrative Organisation
RAC Rules of the Air and Air Traffic Services
RAD Radius
RAeS Royal Aeronautical Society AIS
RAFC Regional Area Forecast Centre AIS
RAG Ragged
RAG Runway Arresting Gear AIS
RAI Runway Alignment Indicator AIS
RAIM Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring AIS
RAM Repair and Maintenance AIS
RAPAC Regional Airspace Users Advisory Committee
RAPIC Radar Picture (MET)
RAS Radar Advisory Service
RASF Regional Aviation Safety Forum
RAT RAM Air Turbine AIS
RCA Reach Cruising Altitude, AIS
RCA Request For Corrective Action
RCC Rescue Coordination Centre AIS
RCH Reach, Reaching AIS
RCL Runway Centre Line AIS
RCLL Runway Centre Line Lights AIS
RCLM Runway Centre Line Marking AIS
RDL Radial AIS
RDS Runway Distance Supplement
RE... Recent (used to qualify weather phenomena, eg RERA = recent rain) CASA
REC Receive, Receiver, Received AIS
REDL Runway Edge Lights AIS
REF Reference to... Refer to... AIS
REG Registration AIS
RENL Runway End Lights AIS
REP Report, Reported, Reporting, Reporting Point AIS
REQ Request, Requested AIS
RERTE Re-route AIS
RES Reserve Fuel AIS
RESA Runway end safety area AIS
RESTR Restrictions AIS
RFACA Royal Federation of Aero Clubs of Australia AIS
RFC Request for change AIS
RFC Regional Forecasting Centre (Met)
RFFS Rescue and Fire Fighting Services
RH Radio Height AIS
RHC Right-hand Circuit CASA
RIF Reclearance in Flight AIS
RIFTO Restricted Instrument Flight Take-off AIS
RIS Regulation Impact Statement OBPR
RIS Radar information service
RL Report Leaving ORR
RLLS Runway Lead-in Lighting AIS
RMIT Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology AIS
RMK Remark(s) AIS
RMS Root Mean Square
RNAV Area navigation AIS
RNP Required navigation performance
RO Registered operator AIP
ROBEX Regional OPMET Bulletin Exchanges
ROC Rate of Climb CASR Part 43
ROD Rate of Descent AIS
ROFOR Route Forecast (in aeronautical meteorological code) AIS
RPA Rules and practices for aerodromes AIS
RPI Radar Position Indicator AIS
RPI Regulatory Performance Indicator CAR 1988
RPI Runway Point of Intercept AIS
RPL Recognition of prior learning CAR 1988
RPM Revolutions Per Minute AIS
RPT Regular public transport CASR Part 66
RQ Require(d)
RQMNTS Requirements CAR 1988
RR Report Reaching AIS
RRM Routine Reportable Matters AIS
RSC Rescue Sub-Centre CASA
RSCD Runway Surface Condition CASA
RSP Responder Beacon AIS
RSR En route Surveillance Radar AIS
RTB Return to Base AIS
RTCA Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics CASA
RTE Route
RTF Radio Telephone
RTHL Runway Threshold Light(s) AIS
RTIL Runway Threshold Identification Lights AIS
RTN Return, Returned, Returning AIS
RTO Rejected take-off AIS
RTO Registered training organisation AIS
RTS Return to Service AIP
RTZL Runway Touchdown Zone Light(s) CASR Part 147
RVR Runway visual range AIS
RVSM Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum AIS
RWS Runway Strip AIP/ICAO
RWY Runway ICAO/CAR 1988
S South, South Latitude AIS
S-I Straight-In AIS
S/E Single-engine AIP
SA Selective Availability
SA Situation Awareness AIS
SAAA Sport Aircraft Association of Australia
SAL Supplementary Airline Licence
SALR Saturated Adiabatic Lapse Rate
SALS Simple Approach Lighting System AIS
SAR Search and Rescue
SARPs Standards and Recommended Practices ICAO
SARTIME Time search action required AIS
SARWATCH Search and Rescue Watch ICAO
SATCOM Satellite Communication
SB Service Bulletin
SB Southbound AIS
SBAS Satellite Based Augmentation System AIS
SC Stratocumulus AIS
SCC Standards Consultative Committee
SCP Safety Critical Personnel AIS
SCT Scattered (meteorological) CASA
SDBY Standby
SDC Standard Departure Clearance AIS
SDR Service difficulty report AIS
SE South East AIS
SEA Sea (used in connection with sea-surface temperature and state of the sea) CAR 1998
SEACO Single engine aircraft only AIS
SEC Seconds AIS
SECN Section
SELCAL Selective Calling System AIS
SER Service, Servicing, Served AIS
SEV Severe (used eg to qualify icing and turbulence report) AIS
SFC Surface AIS
SFL Sequenced Flashing Lights AIS
SG Snow Grains AIS
SH... Showers (followed by RA=rain, SN=snow, PL=ice pellets, GR=hail, GS=small hail and/or snow pellets or combinations thereof, eg, SHRASN = showers of rain and snow) AIS
SHF Super High Frequency (3,000 to 30,000 MHZ) AIS
SHP Shaft Horse Power AIS
SID Standard instrument departure AIS
SIF Selective Identification
SIG Significant ICAO/AIP
SIGMET Information concerning en route weather phenomena which may affect the safety of aircraft operations AIS
SIL Service Information Letter AIS
SIMUL Simultaneous, or Simultaneously AIS
SKC Sky Clear
SKED Schedule, Scheduled AIS
SL Service Letter AIS
SLP Speed Limiting Point AIS
SLW Slow, Slowly
SM Safety Manager AIS
SMC Surface Movement Control AIS
SMR Surface Movement Radar
SMS Safety management system AIS
SNOWTAM A special series NOTAM notifying the presence or removal of hazardous conditions due to snow, ice, slush or standing water associated with snow, slush and ice on the movement area CAR 1998
SOC Start of Climb AIS
SOE Schedule of experience AIS
SOM (SoM) System of Maintenance AIS
SOPs Standard Operating Procedures CAR 1988
SOR Summary of responses CAR 1998
SOT Start of TORA (take-off)
SP Single Pilot CASA
SPA Sport Aviation AIS
SPECI Aviation Special Weather (in aeronautical meteorological code) AIS
SPFIB Specific Preflight Information Bulletin AIS
SPOT Spotwind AIS
SPS Standard Positioning Service AIS
SQ Squall AIS
SR Sunrise
SRB Safety Review Board AIS
SRD Standard Radar Departure AIS
SRG Short Range
SRM Structural Repair Manual AIS
SRR Search and Rescue Region AIS
SRY Secondary WATOG
SS Sandstorm AIS
SS Sunset AIS
SSB Single Sideband AIS
SSCRO Senate Standing Committee on Regulations and Ordinances AIS
SSE South South-East AIS
SSI Structural Significant Item
SSM System Schematics Manual AIS
SSR Secondary Surveillance Radar WATOG
SST Supersonic Transport WATOG
SSW South South-West AIS
ST Stratus AIS
STA Straight in Approach AIS
STAR Standard Arrival Route AIS
STAR Standard instrumental arrival AIS
STARs Standard terminal arrival routes AIP
STC Supplemental Type Certificate ICAO
STD Synthetic training device
STD Standard CASR Part 21
STF Stratiform CASR Part 60
STN Station AIS
STNR Stationary AIS
STODA Supplementary Take-off Distance AIS
STOL Short Take-off and Landing AIS
STS Status AIS
STWL Stopway Light(s) AIS
SUBJ Subject to AIS
SUP Supplement (AIP Supplement) AIS
SUPPS Regional Supplementary Procedures AIS
SVCBL Serviceable AIS
SVY Survey Operations AIS
SW South-West AIS
SWS Soft Wet Surface AIS
SWY Stopway AIS
T Temperature AIS
T-VASIS 'T'Visual Approach Slope Indicator System (pronounced 'TEE-VAR-SIS') AIS
TA Transition Altitude AIS
TA Traffic advisory AIS
TAAATS The Australian Advanced Air Traffic System AIS
TAAM Airservices Australia's Total Airspace Airport and Aerodrome Modeller ICAO/AIP
TAC Terminal Area Chart
TACAN Tactical Air Navigation Aid AIS
TAF Aerodrome Forecast AIS
TAF Terminal Area Forecast AIS
TAIL Tailwind AIS
TAR Terminal Area Surveillance Area
TAS True Airspeed AIS
TAT Terminal Area Thunderstorm Service (meteorological term) AIS
TAWS Terrain awareness and warning system AIS
TAWS-B+ system A terrain awareness and warning system that is equipped with a visual display and complies with the requirements for Class B equipment expressed in TSO-C151, TSO-C151a or TSO-C151b. AIS
TAX Taxiing, Taxi CAO 20.18
TBA To be advised CAO Part 20, Section 20.18, Issue 9
TBO Time Between Overhauls AIS
TC Type Certificate AIS
TC Tropical Cyclone WATOG
TCAC Tropical Cyclone Advisory Centre AIS
TCAS Traffic alert and collision avoidance system CASA
TCDS Type certificate data sheet
TCH Threshold Crossing Height ICAO
TCO Training and Checking Organisation CASR Part 21
TCTA Trans-continental Control Area AIS
TCU Towering Cumulus (met)
TDO Tornado AIS
TDZ Touchdown Zone AIS
TECR Technical Reason AIS
TEL Telephone AIS
TEM (Illustrated) Tool And Equipment Manual AIS
TEM Threat and Error Management AIS
TEMPO Temporary, Temporarily (meteorologically) WATOG
TERPs Terminal and En-route procedures
TFC Traffic AIS
TFR Terrain Following Radar (by the MIL) AIS
TGL Touch & Go Landing AIS
TGS Taxiing Guidance System AIS
THR Threshold AIS
THRU Through AIS
TIBA Traffic Information Broadcasts by Aircraft AIS
TIP Until Past (place) AIS
TIS Time in service AIS
TKOF Take-off AIS
TLOF Touchdown and lift-off area
TLS Transponder Landing System AIS
TLW Time Limited WIP (work in progress) ICAO
TMA Terminal Control Area
TMG Track Made Good AIS
TNA Training Needs Analysis AIS
TNA Turn Altitude
TNH Turn Height
TNS Transitional Surface AIS
TOC Top of Climb AIS
TODA Take-off distance available AIS
TOP Cloud Top AIS
TORA Take-off run available ICAO
TOT Turbine Outlet Temperature AIS
TP Turning Point ICAO
TR Track
TRA Temporary Reserved Airspace AIS
TRAN Transition AIS
TRANS Transmits, Transmitter AIS
Trike A manned, powered hang-glider AIS
TRL Transition Level AIS
TROP Tropopause
TS... Thunderstorm (followed by RA=rain, SN=snow, PE=ice pellets, GR=hail, GS=small hail and/or snow pellets or combinations thereof, eg TSRASN = thunderstorm with rain and snow) AIS
TSI Time Since Installation AIS
TSO Technical Standard Order AIS
TSO Time Since Overhaul WATOG
TTF Trend Type Forecast
TTMRA Trans Tasman Mutual Recognition Agreement WATOG
TURB Turbulence
TWR Aerodrome Control Tower, Aerodrome Control AIS
TWY Taxiway AIS
TWYL Taxiway Link AIS
TYP Type of Aircraft AIS
TYPH Typhoon AIS
U/S Unserviceable AIS
UAB Until Advised By AIS
UAV Unmanned aerial vehicles AIS
UDF UHF Direction Finding Stations AIS
UFIT Uncontrolled Flight Into Terrain CASR Part 101
UFN Until Further Notice AIS
UHDT Unable Higher Due Traffic
UHF Ultra High Frequency (300 to 3,000 MHZ) AIS
UIR Upper Flight Information Region AIS
UK United Kingdom AIS
UL Upper Limits AIS
UNA Unable
UNAP Unable to Approve AIS
UNICOM Universal Communications AIS
UNL Unlimited AIS
UNLC Unlicensed
UNREL Unreliable AIS
US FAR Federal Aviation Regulations (of the USA) AIS
USA United States of America
UTA Upper Control Area
UTC Coordinated Universal Time
V Velocity AIS
V1 Take-off Decision Speed AIS
V2 Take-off Safety Speed (Applicable to Larger Multi-engine Aircraft)
VA Volcanic Ash
VA Maximum Manoeuvring Speed
VAA-H Visual Approach Area - Helicopter AIS
VAAC Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre
VAC Visual Approach Chart (followed by name/title)
VAL In Valleys
VAR Magnetic Variation AIS
VASIS Visual Approach Slope Indicator System AIS
VC Vicinity of the aerodrome (followed by FG=fog, FC=funnel cloud, PO=dust/sand whirls, BLDU=blowing dust, BLSA=blowing sand or BLSN=blowing snow; eg, VCFG=vicinity fog AIS
VCY Vicinity AIS
VDF VHF Direction Finding Station AIS
VEC Visual En-route Chart AIS
VER Vertical AIS
VFE Flap Extension Speed AIS
VFR Visual flight rules AIS
VHF Very High Frequency (30 to 300 MHZ)
VHFCOM Very High Frequency Communications
VIA By way of... AIS
VIMD Maximum Drag Speed
VIP Very Important Person AIS
VIS Visibility
VLE Maximum Speed with Landing Gear Extended AIS
VLF Very Low Frequency (3 to 30 KHZ) AIS
VLJ Very Light Jet
VLO Landing Gear Operating AIS
VLO2 Landing Gear Operation Down
VLR Very Long Range
VMAN Visual Manoeuvre Speed
VMC Visual Meteorological Conditions AIS
VMC Minimum Control Speed
VMCA Minimum Control Airspeed Airborne (Red line speed) AIS
VMCG Minimum Control Airspeed on the Ground
VMO Maximum Structural Cruising Speed
VNAV Vertical Navigation
VNE Never Exceed Speed
VNO Normal Operating Speed ICAO
VOLMET Meteorological Information for Aircraft in Flight ICAO
VOR VHF Omni-directional Radio Range (OMNI)
VP Variable Pitch Propellers AIS
VR The speed at which the aircraft is rotated to lift off from the runway AIS
VRB Variable
VSI Vertical Speed Indicator
VSI Clean Stall Speed AIS
VSL Vertical speed limit
VSO Stalling speed, minimum steady flight speed in the landing configuration
VSO Stall speed with undercarriage and flap selected ICAO
VSSE Safe single-engine Speed CAR 1998
VTC Visual Terminal Chart
VTOL Vertical take-off and landing
VTOSS Take-off Safely Speed AIS
VX Best Angle of Climb Speed ICAO
VXSE Best Single-engine Angle of Climb Speed
Vy Best Rate of Climb Speed
VYSE Best Single-engine Rate of Climb Speed (Blue line speed)
W Watt
W West, West Longitude
W White
W/V Wind Velocity AIS
WAAS Wide Area Augmentation System AIS
WAC World Aeronautical Chart ICAO 1:1,000,000 (followed by name/title)
WAFC World Area Forecast Centre
WAFS World Area Forecast System AIS
WATIR Weather and Terminal Information Reciter AIS
WATOG World Airlines Technical Operations Glossary
WB Westbound AIS
WBM Weight And Balance Manual
WDI Wind Direction Indicator AIS
WDSPR Widespread WATOG
WED Wednesday AIS
WEF With Effect From, Effective From AIS
WGS-84 World Geodetic System 1984 AIS
WI Within AIS
WIE With Immediate Effect, Effective Immediately AIS
WILCO Will Comply AIS
WIND Wind (used in connection with direction and speed) WINTEM Forecast upper wind and temperature at specified points (in aeronautical met code) AIS
WIP Work in Progress AIS
WKN Weaken, Weakening AIS
WM Wiring Manual AIS
WMO World Meteorological Organisation AIS
WNW West North-West WATOG
WO Without
WPT Way-point AIS
WRNG Warning AIS
WS Wind Shear AIS
WSW West South-West AIS
WT Weight AIS
WTSPT Water Spout AIS
WWW World Wide Web AIS
WX Weather AIS
X Cross AIS
XBAR Crossbar (of approach lighting system) AIS
XNG Crossing AIS
XS Atmospherics AIS
XSEC Extra Section AIS
Y Yellow AIS
YCZ Yellow Caution Zone WATOG
YR Your/s AIS
Z Coordinated Universal Time (in meteorological messages) AIS