Recreational Pilots Licence RPL / BAK Pilot Practice Exams

Note: BAK and Pre-Sol exams vary wildly between flight schools.

Where exams say 20 of 40 or similar, it means you will be given 20 questions from a bank of 40. You would need to do that exam at least 3 times to see virtually all questions.

Be sure to read each of the expander boxes.

Fuel reserves are in accordance with CASR Part 91 Table 19.02 for aeroplanes ≤5700kg by Day VFR.

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Problem Topic Videos

Videos to help you with problem topics

Flight School Knowledge

For use when flight schools issue an in house Aeronautical Knowledge written or oral test. Do 20 random from 85+ questions.

Flight Test Questions

For use to prepare for some of the possible flight test questions. Do 20 random from 60+ questions. Use in conjunction with the Flight School Knowledge practice exam.

1. RPL Final Prep Exams

RPL Final Prep 1 to 3, will be toughest of the lot and should be done later in your preparation. You will get 40 questions from a bank of over 100 questions, so do them many times.

RPL Final Prep 1

Do 40 of 130+ questions. Use these last, just prior to exam. Build knowledge with others first!

RPL Final Prep 2

Do 30 of 125+ questions. Use these last, just prior to exam. Build knowledge with others first!

RPL Final Prep 3

Do 30 of 85+ questions on licence limits and requirements, power plants and GNSS.

RPL Final Prep 4

Do 40 of 120+ questions on flight rules and conditions.

RPL Final Prep 5

Do 40 of 95+ questions on aerodynamics.

RPL Final Prep 6

Do 40 of 135+ taxiing, takeoff, landing, direction, distance, velocity, time, units and physics.

RPL Final Prep 7

Do 40 of 85+ questions on fuel, performance and loading charts.

RPL Final Prep 8

Do 40 of 85+ questions on meteorology.

RPL Final Prep 9

Do 30 of 70+ questions on Human Factors and TEM.

RPL Final Prep 10

Do 40 of 110 questions on aircraft systems from BAK.

RPL Final Prep 11

Do 30 questions of 110+ questions on Radio drawn from all over the site taken from RAA RPL PPL Section.

AGK Final Prep

Do 30 questions of 55+ questions on CASA problem topics from syllabus units PAKC & BAKC.

ERC Low Charts

20 of 40+ Q's on ERC Low Charts


VNC Charts

20 of 30+ Random Q's on VNC Charts


VTC Charts

20 of 30 Random Q's on VNC Charts


The RPL Syllabus Practice Exams

CASA likes to change questions often, so ignoring these below will guarantee a fail.

Licence Limits & Requirements

RPL Lic Limits & Req's

41 questions on RPL power plant, carb ice, licence limitations and requirements.

RPL Flight Test Knowledge Guide

For your knowledge oral test during your flight test.

Flight Rules And Air Law

The VFRG will be your best buddy in the exam for air law or flight rules questions, CASA regularly runs out of stock. Order one ASAP, you will want it for RPL and PPL.

Rules & Flight Cond's 1

38 questions on rules and flight conditions.

Rules & Flight Cond's 2

42 questions on rules and flight conditions.

Rules & Flight Cond's 3

42 questions on rules and flight conditions.

RPL Air Law 1

Do 13 questions

Student Pilot Rules

Alcohol, Smoking.

RPL Air Law 2

Do 7 questions

Aerodrome Markings

Runways & Others.

RPL Air Law 3

Do 10 questions

Right Of Way

Giving Way.

RPL Air Law 4

Do 14 questions

Student Pilot Rules

& Requirements.

RPL Air Law 5

Do 10 questions

Passengers, Children

& Infants.

Order A VFRG

Priority #1 get a current copy of the VFRG .

Click here to order.  Check out other free publications to have posted with it, while they are sending it.

Aerodynamics, Climbing, Descending & Manoeuvres (Aero)

RPL Aerodynamics 1

Do 25 of 47 questions on RPL Aerodynamics Syllabus questions.

RPL Aerodynamics 2

Do 25 of 48 questions on RPL Aerodynamics Syllabus questions.

RPL Aerody.. Controls

Aerodynamic Controls

Do 20 questions in exam 1 of 2

Aerodynamics, Control Surfaces.

RPL Aerody. Controls 2

Aerodynamic Controls

Do 20 questions in exam  2 of 2

Yaw, Roll, Pitch, Axis of rotation.

RPL Aerodynamic Design

Do 23 questions, exam 1 of 2

Flaps, Balancers, Drag

Flap Types, Flutter.

RPL Aerodynamic Design 2

Do 22 questions, exam 2 of 2

Trim, Tail Draggers

Slipstream, Pressure.

RPL Aerody.. Forces

Do 21 questions, exam 1 of 3

Aerodynamics Forces, Vectors

A of A, Stalling, Airfoils.

RPL Aerody.. Forces 2

Do 22 questions, exam 2 of 3

C of G, Weight, Thrust, Lift

A of A, Drag, Ground Effect.

RPL Aerody.. Forces 3

Do 22 questions, exam 3 of 3

C of G, Weight, Thrust, Lift

A of A, Drag, Ground Effect.

RPL Taxiing, TOFF & LDG

23 questions on taxiing, takeoff & landing.

RPL Climbing

Do 15 questions on Angle, Rate,

Performance, Scenarios.

RPL Descending

Do 10 questions on  Descending, Power, Weight, Wind, Wind Shear.

RPL Manoeuvres 1

Do 15 questions, exam 1 of 2

Turns, Bank Angle, Balance

Load Factors, Calculations

RPL Manoeuvres 2

Do 26 questions, exam 2 of 2

Wind In Turns, Stalling IAS

Stalls, Wake Turbulence

Meteorology & Local Meteorology (MET)

RPL Meteorology  1

Do 20 of 46 questions on RPL Meteorology.

RPL Meteorology  2

Do 20 of 47 questions on RPL Meteorology.

Weather Forecast MP3

Download and listen to weather forecast info from the AIP e.g. OKTAS, and weather codes.

RPL Local Meteor...1

Do 10 questions

Fog & Frost. For BAK

taken from PPL Section.

RPL Local Meteor...2

Do 15 questions

Storms.  For BAK

taken from PPL Section.


This exam covers the new (Nov 17) GAF & GPWT. Refer to feedback half way down page Do 20 of 40+ questions


Do 10 questions of 50+

On the TAF3.

Performance & Loading

Know the new fuel requirements, mainly for private day VFR final reserves.

Know your takeoff and landing performance charts well. You will definitely get TO and LDG charts, and probably an Alpha, Bravo or Charlie loading system chart.

New Fuel Dec 2021

Part 91 Fuel Questions

Do 30 of 55 questions.

RPL C of G

Do 15 questions

C of G, Moments,  Envelope.

Loading Systems

Do 30 of 40+ Loading Questions.

Charts Advice

CASA identified charts as a cause of fails. Make sure you read this section.

RPL PPL CPL Workbook

Make sure you know this workbook inside out and back to front except the Echo loading system.

RPL Performance 1

Do 27 questions

Density & Pressure Alt

TORA, TODA, Charts etc.

RPL Performance 2

Do 18 questions

Takeoff Performance

Surfaces etc.

Human Factors & TEM

You wont get examined very deeply on any of these, but expect to see some Human Factors about hypoxia, vision, smoking and alcohol. TEM just know some very basics, it is included in PPL, not RPL.

Human Factors

Use these RAA HF exams. Focus on Final Prep 1 & 2 and pay close attention to times for alcohol and hypoxia.


Up in the main menu under Other > Radio Call Recordings, we have 15 recordings of various towers, ground stations and ATIS. Some people may find these very helpful.

RTF Alphabet

Do 26 questions

As Multi choice or

Fill In the Blank.

RPL Radio & Comm's

Do 20 questions

Radio & Communications

Mayday Pan. More at bottom↓

CASA Radio Procedures

Do 19 questions.  This exam is valuable for all licence levels and many exams.

Numerals & Call Signs MP3

Learn the to pronounce numerals and call signs (4 min) 2MB

Phonetic Alphabet Recording

Learn the phonetic alphabet here (10 min) 5MB

Radio Words & Phrases MP3

Learn your standard phraseology from MP3

RPLN - RPL Navigation (Is A Separate Exam)

The RPLN exam is based primarily on the requirements of Part 61, MOS Schedule 3, Units 1.1.1 BAKC, 1.7.1 PNVC, but may include items requirement for navigation and for the safe conduct of a VFR flight, including:

  • Properties of maps and charts
  • Rhumb line tracks, great circle tracks and exact straight line tracks – i.e. drawn with a ruler
  • Visual navigation requirements, position fixing & reporting, track keeping requirements
  • Altimetry rules, serviceability of altimeters for VFR flights and setting of QNH – when to change from area QNH to circuit QNH
  • Forecast requirements and interpretation of forecasts, determination of alternate and/or holding requirements
  • Determination of fuel requirements – Part 91 MOS Chapter 19 & AC 91-15
  • Circuit entry and departure requirements
  • SAR requirements, nomination of SAR, amend/cancel or SAR,
  • Radio frequency selections
  • Transponder operations, normal and emergency codes
  • Lost procedures
  • Emergency procedures – loss of radio, mercy flights, distress messages (MAYDAY and PAN calls)

These 3 RPL Nav exams include the bullet points above. The BAK questions are below. Candidates should also cover other exams and questions on this page based on the above information. RPLN candidate should also be hyper aware of how to find things quickly in ERSA and the VFRG as well as Fuel Requirements from CASR Part 91 Chapter 19 and Table 19.02, plus the definitions section and AC 91-15.

Fuel questions will be for aeroplanes ≤5700kg (piston or turboprop) under Day VFR, or for Rotorcraft under Day VFR conditions.

Note: RPLN has a heavy law focus for a navigation exam.

Fuel related questions will provide information and be worded in such a way that candidates can answer the question regardless of if they are aeroplane or helicopter (Rotorcraft).

Basic Aeronautical Knowledge (BAK) Syllabus Exams


28 questions on GNSS ( GPS & GLONASS )

BAK Direction Distance Speed Velocity

Do 33 questions on direction, distance velocity.

BAK Fuel Oil & Engine Handling

Do 29 questions on fuel oil and engine handling.

BAK Time Units Physics

Do 34 questions on time, time conversion, units of measure, basic physics.

RPL Engine & Carby

Do 15 questions on Engine, Strokes, Carby, Carb Ice.

RPL Oil & Magneto

Do 20 questions on Oil System, Oils, Magneto, Spark Plugs.

RPL Electrical System

Do 20 questions on Battery, Alternator, Circuit Breakers, Starter, Bus Bar, Fuses.

RPL Fuel System

Do 14 questions on Octane, Mixture, Gravity, Pumps, Contamination.

RPL Instruments

Do 30 questions on  Gyro, AH, AI, DG, Turn & Bank, Compass.

RPL Cockpit

Do 10 questions on IAS, Artificial Horizon, Weights & Configurations.

Helicopter Exams

CASA exams are heavily aeroplane focused, with common units and then helicopter add-ons.

RPL(H) should study most the RPL(A) and these exams below.


Helicopter specific questions for RPL (H)

Reference: FAA

Do 20 of 30+ questions


Helicopter specific questions for RPL (H)

Reference: FAA

Do 20 of 30 questions


Helicopter specific questions for RPL (H)

Reference: FAA

Do 20 of 30 questions


Helicopter specific questions for RPL (H)

Reference: FAA

Do 20 of 30 questions


Do 20 of 30 helicopter specific questions for RPL (H) and PPL (H)

Reference: VFRG (H)


Do 20 of 30 helicopter specific questions for RPL (H) and PPL (H)

Reference: VFRG (H)


Do 20 of 30+ helicopter specific questions for RPL (H) and PPL (H)

Reference: VFRG (H)

PPLH Performance

Helicopter specific questions for PPL (H)

Reference: Bell 206 LR II & FAA Helicopter Flying Handbook

Do 20 of 40 questions.

PPLH Bell 206 LRII

Helicopter specific questions for PPL (H)

Reference: Bell 206 LR II Handbook

Do 20 of 35+ questions.

Do these and the RPL Syllabus first. You must be able to score in the mid 90's in every one of these, or you are not ready.

Highly Relevant CASR

61.112 - 61.118 Flying As A Student Pilot

61.120 / 61.125 Operations With/without Radio Licence

61.16 Grant Of Flight Crew Licences

61.375 / 61.380 / 61.390 / 61.395 Limitations On Exercise Of Privileges Of Pilot Licence

61.400 Flight Reviews

61.405 / 61.410  Medical Requirements

61.420 Documents To Be Carried

61.422 English Language Requirements

61.755 Design Features Requiring Endorsements

61.430 Taxi, 61.435 / 61.1227 Radio

61.460 - 61.500 RPL

61.505 - 61.515 PPL

61.525 Training Requirements

67.235 Pregnancy

67.265 / 67.272 Obligations To Tell CASA Of Medical Changes / Impaired Flying

91.100 - 91.120 Carriage of documents

91.160 - 91.165 Firearms

91.273 - 91.285 VFR Flight Rules

91.287 - 91.320 IFR Flight Rules

91.360 - 91.405 Avoiding Collisions

91.410 - 91.430 Takeoff, Landing and Ground Operations

91.455 - 91.515  Fuel Requirements

91.520 - 91.620 Safety of Persons and Cargo

91.625 - 91.660 Instruments, Equipment, Systems

91.670 - 91.710 Signals, Emergencies, Hazards

91.795 - 91.800 Takeoff and Landing Performance

91.810 Equipment

Highly Relevant Part 91 MOS

Chapter 7 Weather

Chapter 8 Alternate

Chapter 10 Matters To Be Checked Before Takeoff

Chapter 11.02 Transition layer

11.11 - 11.18 Controlled airspace

11.3 PRD Areas

Chapter 12 Minimum Height Rules

Chapter 13 VFR Flights & Chapter 14 IFR

Chapter 19 Fuel Requirements Also see AC 91-25 and AC 91-15

Chapter 20 Safety Of Persons and Cargo

Chapter 21 Radio

Chapter 23 Aircraft Interception

Chapter 24 Takeoff Performance

Chapter 25 Landing Performance

Chapter 26 Equipment


Highly Relevant AIP

The AIP is to big to list all relevant items, know whats in it and how to find things in it during your exam. The VFRG will be quicker for most things.

****Learn to use the contents starting on approx page 19*****

AIP ENR 1.4-1 to 13  Airspace Classifications

AIP ENR 1.14-1 to 10 Accidents and Incidents and Reporting

All CASA legislative and advisory instruments available here


Highly Relevant CAR

Part 1 Reg 2 (6) - (10) Definitions ~
CAR's For Flight Rules 149-159 Towing, Dropping, Picking Up People, Parachute Ops, Public Gatherings, Low Flying, Radio Failure
CAR 143 -144 Firearms Carriage & Discharge
CAR 150 Dropping Articles
CAR 156 Flight Over Public Gatherings
CAR's For Rules Of The Air 161 - 163 Right Of Way & Collision Prevention
CAR 166-166E For Non-Controlled Aerodromes & CAR 167 Is Controlled Aerodromes
CAR 170 - 174D VFR Rules 175-181 IFR Rules
CAR 182-203 Signals, 226 Dual Controls**** , 227 -248 Know where to find them if needed.
General Ops CAR's 249 Prohibited Pax, 251 Seatbelts***, 252 Emergency Systems, 252A ELT,, 254 Do Not Obstruct Exits,
255 Smoking** , 253 Life Saving Equipment****** , 256 Intoxicate Pilots**** , CAR 256A Carriage Of Animals***, 257 Aerodrome Met Minima
258 Flights Over Water ******
Schedule 8 Maintenance That Can Be Carried Out By Pilots ~pg37
All CASA legislative and advisory instruments available here

CAR is allowed int he exam and can be very useful if you to used the index.

Highly Relevant Charts & Nav Gear For PPL


Sydney, Townsville & Bourke WACs, AUS PCA, ERSA, Learn To Use Your Flight Calculator (Dist, Time, Fuel)


The RPLA exam is based primarily on the requirements of Part 91 and Part 61 MOS Schedule 3, units 1.1.1 BAKC, 1.1.2 RBKA, unit 1.5.1 RFRC, unit 1.8.1 RMTC and 1.6.1 PHFC.

Unit 1.1.1  BAKC: Basic aeronautical knowledge – all aircraft categories

Unit 1.1.2  RBKA: Basic aeronautical knowledge – aeroplane

Unit 1.1.3  RBKH: RPL Basic aeronautical knowledge – helicopter

Unit 1.5.1 RFRC RPL flight rules and air law – all aircraft categories 

Unit 1.8.1 RMTC RPL meteorology – all aircraft categories

Unit 1.6.1 PHFC PPL human factors – all categories

You must also know all take-off and landing charts, plus Alpha Bravo and Charlie loading charts from the RPL PPL CPL Workbook

You will also need a hard copy of THE VISUAL FLIGHT RULES GUIDE [VFRG]

Available from a range of places including

Also use an AIP ENR & AIP GEN & ERSA & Aus PCA in the exam

Also Use the Part 91 Plain English Guide, Part 91 MOS and Part 91 CASR

Meteorology Suggested Reading

  • B.O.M. Manual of Meteorology
  • AIP Book* with particular emphasis on GEN 3.5
  • The following links need to be copied and pasted, since they are not https.
  • Several Tabs On This Page


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