You’re looking to pass your pilot exams a without a fail?

Reading this will likely save you 30 - 50 hours study....

And give you a massively increased chance of passing!


You probably feel a bit overwhelmed right? 

Struggling to remember it all...

No idea what to study...

The ridiculous wording of some questions...

Knowing the types of questions...

Being well prepared...

Don't worry! That's exactly what we solve....


You only have to compare our current pass rate of 99%+.....

To the industry pass rate of just 57%....

Yep you heard right 43% FAIL!


So how can PPE be so much better?

How can PPE be so different?

How can PPE get those types of results?


PPE stacks multiple proven techniques...

It's the combination of these that produces the amazing results.


But How?

The solution to most adult learning issues, almost always involves, the same few common solutions...

Firstly - You need a way to repeatedly and rapidly identify the exact gaps that need to be studied...

Secondly - You need to study those gaps, while trialing various study methods...

Thirdly - You need to choose your most effective study methods based on the data, not guess work....

Finally - You need to continuously cycle through the following super study method....


The Super Study Method

  1. Identify your exact study gaps with a practice exam and record score
  2. Hunt for those answers to fully engage the brain at all times
  3. Study those exact gaps using your best  "active study methods" and "active memory techniques"
  4. Take a break 10-15 minutes minimum (or study something else)
  5. Re-test learning and record results, problem topics & location of content
  6. Repeat until you are almost exam ready! 
  7. Then practice textbook question to make sure you cover all your bases



  1. ALWAYS initially study using electronic practice exams first! Why? Because it dramatically speeds up the study cycles! Learning such a huge amount of content, requires that we must learn faster than we forget. So lots of repeated cycles becomes SUPER EFFECTIVE!
  2. Only go to paper based questions once you are already blitzing the electronic exams! Why? Because they slow you down and you FORGET FASTER THAN YOU CAN RETAIN THE NEW INFORMATION!


Some common things you may be wondering by now...

Yes they are current, we update them almost every single day….

Yes They are similar to the exams, but the rules prevent cheating…

We word them differently, but you know the right content

Yes they will totally work for you....

No we cannot guarantee a pass...Why? Because individual effort varies so much...

We do not have PPL (H) or CPL(H) specific exams or IREX yet. But we do have many Helicopter pilots using the site and loving the way it helps...We even have a bunch of ATPL pilots using the site to cover the base content.


Check out what our members are saying about PPE....

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Note: Beginning commercial pilots sit RPL and PPL prior to commencing CPL studies.

Note: RPL and PPL are now so similar we are not offering RPL as a separate membership. All people sitting RPL should purchase the RAA & RPL & PPL Combo.


$77 yr
  • Access To RAA & RPL & PPL & CASA
  • RAA Practice Exams
  • RPL Practice Exams
  • PPL Practice Exams
  • CASA Practice Exams
  • How To Study Videos
  • Access To Facebook Group
  • 12 Months Access

CPL All 7

$167 yr
  • Incl All 7 Subjects Below
  • Access All 7 Any Time
  • CPL Human Perfromance
  • CPL Rules & Law
  • CPL Aerodynamics
  • CPL Performance
  • CPL General Knowledge
  • CPL Navigation
  • CPL Meteorology
  • 12 Months Access
  • **Read Below

The Lot

$227 yr**
  • Access All Any Time
  • For 1 Person Only
  • Access RAA RPL PPL
  • All 7 CPL Subjects
  • 12 Months $227
  • **24 Months $327

CPL Any 1 Subject

$47 For 3 mths
  • Choose Any 1 Subject
  • **Read Below

CPL Exams Information

The "current" membership software limits access to one membership level at a time - candidates requiring access to two membership levels simultaneously will require a second email address.

*Full 7 Subject CPL Deal  - Members have unlimited personal access to all subjects at a time for a membership period is 12 months in total. This is strictly monitored to ensure people are not sharing memberships. We reserve the right to cancel memberships without refund or take legal action against people who breach this licence, by allowing others to use their account.

CPL subjects purchased individually. UNLESS you fail an exam, when you want access to the next subject, you have to relinquish access to your previous subject. You can only be subscribed to one subject at any point in time with a single email address. If you require access to 2 subjects please provide a second email (easy to setup in gmail).


Our No Risk Guarantee

If you join and find any of the claims we have made about pass rates or our many, many, happy members to be false, I will not only refund you your money in full, but I will pay you $25! I'm that confident you will find a wonderful, positive community, who loves our practice exams!

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