Right now in 2017 is a fantastic time for employment in the aviation industry. Qantas, Jetstar, Virgin and Air New Zealand have been actively recruiting. This has a flow on effect creating vacancies in smaller regional airlines like Rex and in flight schools.


Qantas - Qantas has intake from both a cadet program and a general intake

Jetstar - Melbourne Cadet Program

Virgin - Submit application via careers page, 1,000 hours, 500 hours, Multi-Engine, 500 hours PIC. The primary intake method is via their cadet program.

Rex - 2000 hrs, 500 CMEIR [email protected]

Air New Zealand - have been recently recruiting from Aussie flight schools, taking pilots with 500 hours on CMEIR

USA - positions int he USA are much easier to obtain, however pay rates are low to very low. None the less it can give many the leg up they need to keep building hours on type.

Armed Forces

The armed forces have huge requirement for non combat pilots to fly logistics, transport and reconnaissance aircraft.

RAAF takes around 500 applications annually for 275 positions.

Army Aviation Jobs 

Navy Pilot Jobs


Flight Schools

The higher than normal recruitment of pilots into airlines is having a ripple effect all the way down and will create many new vacancies for instructors in GA flight schools.  The boom in training pilots from Asia is also creating ongoing opportunities at present.

RAA flight schools also provide opportunities for employment. Most outside major metropolitan areas will have at most part time work.

Remote Area Flying

Remote area pilots jobs are almost always available. Pilots doing big hours in these areas also rate highly at airline intakes, due to their ability to navigate, cope with harsh environments and often they are required to be a jack of all trades. This is a great experience and easy way to get started in building big hours for a career.

Hooking a job in remote areas is all about contacts, so wither make contacts by cold calling cattle stations and aerodromes or start talking and looking for pilots who have done so and network to make contacts. Facebook is also a great way to locate and network with some of these business owners.

The majority of jobs are for mines, politicians or govt employees, farms, mail, emergency deliveries , medical or flying people to and from remote  properties or communities.


Scenic flights and float plane flights operate out of most major tourist hot-spots and can be a great starting spot , especially those with less frequent flights. The less busy they are, the more difficulty they have in retaining pilots. Regional tourist operators will be a great starting point.


Parachute Operations

Parachute operations are a common starting place, with many operators paying the pilot through hour building or a tiny cash reimbursement, eg: $20 per flight.

Parachute operations can be extremely dangerous, are often extremely last minute and rushed and you should discuss this at length before taking on any job as a meat-bomber pilot.  Chutes can become entangled on aircraft, aircraft can be damaged by jumpers and balance is a big issue as people move around or hang out of the aircraft.