Altitude Calculator

The top two rows are for calculating Pressure Altitude only.

The next section is for calculating the Density Altitude. The density altitude takes into account the effect of both temperature and pressure.

Please cross check and do not rely on this to fly, this is for theory purpose only. May contain errors. Please report errors immediately.

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Video 1 - How The Calculator Works + Plus Some Theory

Video 2 - How To Calculate Density Altitude

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Pressure Height (100% in both RPL & PPL)

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Density Altitude (RPL?? & 100% in PPL)

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density height2

Effect Of Humidity On Density Altitude

It should also be noted that the amount of water in the atmosphere affects density altitude. We are not required to calculate it as the calculation is very complex. More water = lower air density = lower performance.

If you want to see how much use the calculator here