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  1. You, your loved ones, your friends, your associates and your dependents will never hold this site, its owners, contractors or employees liable in anyway for loss, damage or injury caused while flying. If you do not totally and fully agree you should immediately stop using this website or any product or service of this business.
  2. Flying is inherently dangerous and you fully acknowledge and accept that flying aircraft comes with a risk of injury or death.
  3. Standard membership term is 3-12 months. Longer and shorter memberships may be available from time to time. Unused time is not credited to any other level of membership.
  4. Membership includes access only to the level you pay for and only at the time you purchase. Should we add extra membership levels they are not automatically included in your package.
  5. Joining fee covers access for one person to all exams for the membership level and term chosen, for private , personal usage only. Memberships must not be shared with other people.
  6. Accounts cannot be given away, loaned, shared, rented or sold. To do so is a breach of our terms of service and a breach of copyright. You may be liable for damages if you breach this term.
  7. Account sharing in any form is against our terms of service and may result in immediate closure of your account without refund. You are limited to one person/user per account, and you may use 2 devices total (for example, 1 laptop and 1 mobile device).
  8. Accounts must not be used on display in meetings, halls, classrooms, conferences, training facilities, clubhouses or any other facility where it is used for the display of information to more than one person. This product is intended for private use only, by one individual. Flight schools wanting to display this product must detail the exact conditions and attain written permission to do so.
  9. Payment is via PayPal and is non-refundable. Bank payment can be arranged via the contact form.
  10. Flight school group memberships can be arranged via the contact form. There are no discounts, but we can batch invoice them.
  11. You agree to report any errors or mistakes immediately.
  12. All content is copyright© protected and may not be copied or distributed without written permission.
  13. You agree that you and your loved ones will NEVER hold this site or anyone associated with it responsible in any way for any loss, injury or damage IN ANYWAY EVER. This site only assists in the theory aspect of exams and should not be relied on as your sole source of theory. You should use a textbook and you should ask your flight schools or instructors anything you are not clear on.
  14. You agree that passing your exams is only one aspect of your learning and that you will make every attempt possible to thoroughly learn all theory content to the highest possible standard for your own safety. You agree you should make attempts to continually learn and stay up to date with rule changes and that the responsibility to do all of this is your own responsibly and only your responsibility.
  15. We reserve the right to change the site at any time without notice; this may include adding or deleting sections or changing or updating these terms of use.
  16. We reserve the right to cancel a persons membership without refund if they breach our terms of usage or are abusive.
  17. Any email feedback or posts in the Facebook group may be used for promotional material at our discretion.
  18. We cannot be held responsible for website outages or downtime which can and does happen to most websites approx. 3-5 days per year. Tech issues do happen from time to time and candidates should not be reliant on any one study tool for their last minute study.
  19. We make every attempt to have rapid recovery procedures in place. However should a catastrophic event happen that wipes out all data and backups (which trust me we do not ever want to happen) we will not be in a position to able to provide refunds. Except for people who joined within the preceding 21 days of the catastrophic event.
  20. We reserve the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time within the laws of the jurisdictions we operate within.
  21.  We reserve the right to eject members from the Facebook Group if they do not comply with the rules and standards of the group.
  22. You agree you will not copy or disseminate the information on this site.
  23. You agree you will not start a website or pilot practice exam service in competition to this site within 5 years of using this site. Any involvement by you as a pilot exams website competitor in any capacity is a direct breach of these terms  and you may be liable for or subject to significant damages.
  24. A website is reliant on many service providers and components. Sometimes those components can and do fail. You agree to be patient, polite and you are not entitled to a refund, even if the website goes down the day of or the night before an exam. It is absolutely inevitable that one day this will happen to someone. Be better prepared and switch to an alternate method of study should this occur. We have averaged around 99.99% uptime for over 5 years. However when things go wrong, during those brief periods uptime may drop and website speeds may drop considerably. Thankfully these periods are rare and usually short lived, but they do happen.
  25. You agree to comply with CASA regulations, especially in regard to CAR298A Cheating.
  26. You agree to take your studies very seriously and attempt to learn all aspects of your theory and practical to the very highest standards.
  27. You agree to use a password that is not an important password for your online security. You acknowledge that passwords from this site will be emailed to you in plain English and as such will choose a password that is not important if it is breached.
  28. You agree not to share your password with any individual and that if that password becomes known by anyone else, you will immediately change your password.
  29. You agree that you are authorised to use the payment method for purchase of a membership and that in the event of any chargeback fees charged by PayPal, Credit Card companies or Banks, you as the member must reimbursed us for such chargeback fees, if you or the payment owner wrongfully files a chargeback case.
  30. You agree that any dispute will be attempted to be resolved in good faith between the parties. If a dispute cannot be resolved amicably between parties, you agree to attempt to resolve the issue and act in good faith to resolve the issue via mediation. If the dispute cannot be resolved via mediation you agree that any dispute will be resolved by the laws applicable in NSW Australia and only the laws applicable in NSW Australia.
  31. If you are using this product from anywhere outside Australia, you accept fully that this site is designed for Australia and to comply with Australia's laws and the laws of NSW Australia. You willingly waive any such rights you would have in any other location other than NSW Australia.  In the event of a dispute, the dispute must be communicated and resolved in English and by the laws of NSW Australia and only NSW Australia. Any meetings, mediations or legal proceedings must occur only in NSW Australia and only under the jurisdiction and laws of NSW Australia. The owners, employees, contractors and associates of this business and website can only be held accountable under Australian law in the jurisdiction of NSW Australia and by using this website you willingly waiver and legal rights to sue any employees, contractor, owner or associate of this website or business in any jurisdiction. If you do not agree you should immediately stop using this website or any product of this business.