Data kept on this site includes your email address, username and any details used to register, plus the scores you obtained during each test.

We do log i.p. address, user sessions, times and pages visited.

We collect device and IP address information for the purposes of detecting and preventing account sharing. Account sharing is against our terms of service and can result in immediate closure of your account without refund.

Your email may be used in future for the purpose of marketing directly to you via email. We will not sell or give away your email unless the entire site is sold and if it is, the emails will be sold along with the site with a clause requiring the same from a purchaser.

Any payment information from a purchase is handled by Paypal in accordance with Paypal terms and conditions at

If you require higher levels of security than this, we suggest you update your details in your profile. There is no need to use your real name or any identifying information.

All paypal email receipts to us from are stored in gmail, behind the security of gmail servers and in accordance with the conditions at