Recreational Pilots Licence RPL / BAK Pilot Practice Exams

To pass your RPL exams, you need to make sure you cover:

  1. The RPL Syllabus; and
  2. The BAK Syllabus; and
  3. Basic  - GAF, GWPT, TEM, GNSS; and
  4. Charts (takeoff landing, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie); and
  5. Do the basics of New fuel reg's for day VFR private flights: and
  6. Then do the final prep exams, until you are scoring mid 90's; and
  7. Only after these, should you look to do textbook or paper based exams, to cover all bases

You are not ready until you can consistently score 93% plus, on a wide variety of exams.


1. RPL Final Prep Exams

RPL Final Prep 1

Do 40 of 94 questions. Use these last, just prior to exam. Build knowledge with others first!

RPL Final Prep 2

Do 40 of 84 questions. Use these last, just prior to exam. Build knowledge with others first!

RPL Final Prep 3

Do 30  of 69 questions on licence limits and requirments, power plants and GNSS.

RPL Final Prep 4

Do 40  of 124 questions on flight rules and conditions.

RPL Final Prep 5

Do 40  of 87 questions on aerodynamics

RPL Final Prep 6

Do 40  of 120 taxiing, takeoff, landing, direction, distance, velocity, time, units and physics.

RPL Final Prep 7

Do 40  of 69 questions on fuel, perfromance and loading charts.

RPL Final Prep 8

Do 40  of 87 questions on meteorology

RPL Final Prep 9

Do 30  of  68  questions on Human Factors and TEM

RPL Final Prep 10

Do 40  of  106  questions on aircraft systems from BAK

RPL Final Prep 11

Do 30 questions of 116 questions

On Radio drawn from all over the site

taken from RAA RPL PPL Section

Do these and the RPL Syllabus first. You must be able to score in the mid 90's in every one of these, or you are not ready.

Highly Relevant CAO's

Most of the CAO's 20. ######
20.2 Precautions Before Flight
20.11 Emergency Equipment & Pax Control In emergencies
CAO 20.16.3 Carriage Of Persons
CAO 20.7.4 Aeroplane Weight & Performance Limitations < 5700kg Private
CAO 20.9 Precautions In Refueling....
CAO 29.5 Air Services Operations - Dropping Articles From Aircraft

All CASA legislative and advisory instruments available here

Highly Relevant CASR

61.112 - 61.118 Flying As A Student Pilot

61.120 / 61.125 Operations Wwith/without Radio Licence

61.16 Grant Of Flight Crew Licences

61.375 / 61.380 / 61.390 / 61.395 Limitations On Exercise Of Privileges Of Pilot Licence

61.400 Flight Reviews

61.405 / 61.410  Medical Requirements

61.420 Documents To Be Carried

61.422 English Language Requirements

61.755 Design Features Requiring Endorsements

61.430 Taxi, 61.435 / 61.1227 Radio

61.460 - 61.500 RPL

61.505 - 61.515 PPL

61.525 Training Requirments

67.235 Pregnancy

67.265 / 67.272 Obligations To Tell CASA Of Medical Changes / Impaired Flying

All CASA legislative and advisory instruments available here


Highly Relevant AIP

The AIP is to big to list all relevant items, know whats in it and how to find things in it during your exam. The VFRG will be quicker for most things.

****Learn to use the contents starting on approx page 19*****

AIP ENR 1.4-1 to 13  Airspace Classifications

AIP ENR 1.14-1 to 10 Accidents and Incidents and Reporting

All CASA legislative and advisory instruments available here


Highly Relevant CAR

Part 1 Reg 2 (6) - (10) Definitions ~
CAR's For Flight Rules 149-159 Towing, Dropping, Picking Up People, Parachute Ops, Public Gatherings, Low Flying, Radio Failure
CAR 143 -144 Firearms Carriage & Discharge
CAR 150 Dropping Articles
CAR 156 Flight Over Public Gatherings
CAR's For Rules Of The Air 161 - 163 Right Of Way & Collision Prevention
CAR 166-166E For Non-Controlled Aerodromes & CAR 167 Is Controlled Aerodromes
CAR 170 - 174D VFR Rules 175-181 IFR Rules
CAR 182-203 Signals, 226 Dual Controls**** , 227 -248 Know where to find them if needed.
General Ops CAR's 249 Prohibited Pax, 251 Seatbelts***, 252 Emergency Systems, 252A ELT,, 254 Do Not Obstruct Exits,
255 Smoking** , 253 Life Saving Equipment****** , 256 Intoxicate Pilots**** , CAR 256A Carriage Of Animals***, 257 Aerodrome Met Minima
258 Flights Over Water ******
Schedule 8 Maintenance That Can Be Carried Out By Pilots ~pg37
All CASA legislative and advisory instruments available here

CAR is allowed int he exam and can be very useful if you to used the index.

Highly Relevant Charts & Nav Gear For PPL


Sydney, Townsville & Bourke WACs, AUS PCA, ERSA, Learn To Use Your Flight Calculator (Dist, Time, Fuel)


The RPLA exam is based primarily on the requirements of Part 61, MOS Schedule 3, Units 1.1.1 BAKC and 1.1.2 RBKA.

Unit 1.1.1                 BAKC: Basic aeronautical knowledge – all aircraft categories

Unit 1.1.2                 RBKA: Basic aeronautical knowledge – aeroplane

You will also need a hard copy of THE VISUAL FLIGHT RULES GUIDE [VFRG]

Available from a range of places including

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