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PPE Website Changes

We've Made Some Major Changes!

We have spent the last 10+ years building a high quality, highly effective bank of practice exams that have helped thousands of Australian pilot’s to pass their CASA and RA-Aus exams for RPC, RPL, PPL, CPL and ATPL.

Now, we have spent some time making some major and minor changes to our site to improve the way you buy and use our Practice Exams and Theory Courses.

We’d like to thank all of you who have supported us, used our memberships and provided constructive feedback over the years!

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What to do if something isn't working?

If you come across something that isn’t working how it should, please reach out and let us know by going here and filling out the form.

Major Changes

Credit/Debit Card Payments

Our previous system relied solely on PayPal.

Now, our system uses a traditional ecommerce checkout and takes payment via credit/debit card, or bank transfer if you wish to use that.

This means you can login or create an account using your own details during checkout, and simply use your card for payment.

One Account For Exams & Courses

We have also updated our membership software!

This means you can now have multiple memberships attached to your account at any one time, each with their own individual expiry date. 

We have also made it possible to link your account between our practice exams and theory courses platforms, even though they are still technically seperate.

If you have multiple PPE accounts and want to have them combined, click here.

Automated Renewals

When your membership expires, you will now get an email to notify you. It will also tell you that you have 14 days to renew if you need to.

This renewal is now done by choosing from the renewal options for that membership, purchasing it through the standard checkout, and getting back to studying.

No waiting around for us to manually activate your account!

My Practice Exams & My Courses

Since you can now have multiple memberships and process renewals yourself, we have created a page each for your practice exam and course memberships.

These pages will show your currently active memberships, and any recently expired ones that you have the option to renew.

For each of your active memberships, it will display your expiry date, and for renewable memberships it will display the date your renewal options end.

Practice Exams Are Moving To Moodle

Since we began using Moodle for our theory courses, we discovered we could provide better practice exams in this system.

We are beginning the process of migrating practice exams over to this new system gradually.

Minor Changes

Reminders When You Don't Have A Membership

When you go to a practice exam page that you do not have the membership for, you will see a banner at the top of the page letting you know. 

This banner will contain the option to purchase the membership right there so that you can start accessing those exams straight away.

If your memberships is expired and able to be renewed, then these options will be displayed as well.

Updated 'Join Now' Page

Our ‘Join Now’ page has been updated to include the theory courses, and the option for bundles where there is both practice exams and a theory course available.

There is also new menus that allow you to automatically scroll immediately to the level you need.

Updated Get Help & Contact Form

Our new ‘Get Help’ page includes refreshed FAQ’s to help solve all the common problems or questions you may encounter using our site.

If you still need help, you will be able to contact us using our new form which allows you to select an ‘Enquiry Type’ and provide any necessary screenshots that will help us help you faster.

A New Form For Flight Schools

If you’re a flight school or instructor who orders on behalf of your students, there is a new form you can use to do so.

To access it you will need a flight school account (no cost attached), so reach out via the contact form and we will get you set up!