1. Read question and select answer, then press check. Re-read critical part of question, and answer by saying it out loud or muttering it at least 3 times. (Memory tip)
  2. Select “Next” and repeat until you are finished all questions
  3. When finished select “Quiz Summary” then “finish Quiz” to view your score.
  4. Then select “View Questions” to view all correct an incorrect responses.
  5. In A4 book Record your result and a list of the topics you got wrong.
  6. Go to textbook index and record pages for these topic as you will keep getting many of the same questions wrong with study breaks.
  7. Study from the text your wrong topics, then retest after a minimum 10 min break.
  8. Record study techniques used from “how to study videos” and pre/post study test scores, to help identify your best study methods.

Using these methods you will rapidly improve and find what works best for you. Good luck!

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