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Account Sharing Detected

Account Sharing Detected!

Your account has been flagged for account sharing. No action has been taken yet, but your account may be investigated by admins. If we believe you are account sharing, your account may be removed from the site without refund.

If you ARE NOT sharing your account and have gotten this warning then we recommend you change your password. If you continue to receive this warning, please let us know here.

Please refer to the FAQ’s below if you require further information.

Account or password sharing means giving your username and password to someone else to use. This is commonly done to avoid paying for two memberships, or possibly more if shared between multiple people.

This goes against our terms of service and can result in termination of the account and no refunds will be given for account sharing.

Sharing passwords on our site goes against our terms of service.

When you purchase a course or practice exams membership from us, you are paurchasing an individual licence to use these products. This individual licence is not permitted to be shared.

If you are a flight school/instructor and wish to use our products for teaching, please get in contact so that this can be facilitated correctly.


Sharing access to products that you do not have the rights to share can result in closure of accounts and even legal action.

If you are account sharing and don’t want your account to be closed without refund, we recommend changing your password and telling anyone who uses your account to purchase their own.

If you do not change your password, someone may continue to login without your permission and this will flag your account again and likely result in account closure.

If you have been allowing others to use your account, change your password.

If they continue to login, you will likelyhave your account closed without refund.

Not without our permission.

If you are a flight school or instructor who is sharing our products without the proper permission to do so, you run the risk of account closure and action taken.

We work with many flight schools around Australia and are happy to work with more. You can get in contact with us to organise the best solution for your flight school here.