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RA-Aus Theory Course

RA-Aus Theory Course

The RA-Aus Theory Course covers the entire syllabus relevant for your Recreation Pilot Certificate through Recreational Aviation Australia!

It contains a mixture of written, video and interactive content covering Pre-Solo Legislation, Basic Aeronautical Knowledge, Air Legislation, Navigation, Meteorology, Radio Operator and Human Factors.

You will have 93 days to access the course from the time of purchase. On expiry, you have 14 days to renew (30 days for $30 or 3 months for $67), after which you will only have the option to repurchase for $67/3 months.

Any questions or concerns, please review our FAQ before contacting us here.

Our online theory courses are designed to replace the need for traditional textbooks, and to cover absolutely everything in the syllabus!

We noticed that other resources often missed entire chunks of the syllabus which led to our members falling short in exams. So when we started writing these courses, we decided to follow the examinable syllabus word for word, and cover absolutely everything! We also encourage you to let us know if you think we missed something so that we can make this the #1 resource for pilots in Australia!

These theory courses are presented online, where you can study at your own pace. Each syllabus dot point is presented as a lesson with either written, interactive or video content, or often a mix of all 3. This course does not involve a live instructor and does not include one on one tuition.

RA-Aus Practice Exams

Our industry leading practice exams give you unlimited attempts to identify the areas you need to study, saving you time, stress and exam attempts!


3 Months

Want to know exactly what to study?

Our industry leading practice exams show you precisely where your weak spots are, so that you can study them and nail your CASA exam first go!

How To Study Most Effectively

The most effective method for studying with practice exams is a 2 step, rinse and repeat system that identifies your weak areas and allows you to work on them specifically!

1. The first step is to complete a practice exam, and note down any questions you got wrong. When making these notes, you want to identify the topic of the question not the question itself.

So if you receive a question like “What is the front edge of an aerofoil called?” and you get it wrong, you would write down “Aerofoils”.

2. The second step involves studying each of the topics you noted down. For some topics, you may want to study broadly if you are unfamiliar with it, but for others you may want to narrow down on exactly the parts of that topic that you struggle with.

Once you’ve studied and think you’re on top of those topics. Go back and do step 1 again, using the same exam and again taking notes of any incorrect questions. 

You will likely find a few new topics to study, and maybe some from last time as well. Do this process multiple times until you are achieving 90% or higher in the exam before moving on to the next.