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This website is not meant to be a stand alone teacher, it is designed to help you rapidly identify exactly what you do know and what you don’t know. We have added a video to the homepage that explains this process and a separate video about navigating the site.

The number of questions are deliberately limited to around 2000, to maintain the integrity of being an exam focused preparation site.

The fastest way to learn is to use the exams to identify your strengths and weaknesses on exact questions. Then go and study  those questions or topics. Once you think you know the new content, leave it at least 10 min, then come back and re test yourself.

As time permits we are adding more explanations to some of the more difficult questions so you get an explanation if you get it wrong.

Occasionally questions are added prior to final editing. In the past our members have always requested it this way. If you notice an error please report it immediately via email or the contact form.

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