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If you’re struggling to study for, or pass your pilot exams, you’re not alone. 43% of people fail….

There is a huge amount to remember
They are really easy to fail
It’s hard to know what to expect
There is too much content
People use the wrong study techniques
It’s hard to find the time
They’re confusing
It’s expensive enough without fails

(Remember… sometimes you just need help from someone who knows how to get you to pass.)

Know this about CASA and RAAus exams….

They’re hard
They’re confusing
They have difficult wording
They’re ambiguous
They can be cruel
They want to fail some people
They want to make it hard
This list could go on and on and on….

There is ONE cool method, that will guarantee you have the absolute best chance of passing, every-time….

Just like thousands of our members, who have a 99%+ pass rate.

Want it?



  • Watch our how to study videos (all of them carefully and make notes – it takes 35 min and will save you 30 hours+++ )                                              
  • Stop trying to learn by listening and reading the textbook (it doenst work). Focus on your gaps and use our active memory and study techniques.    
  • Do as many PPE Study Super Cycles as possible, until you are consistently scoring above 90% in a variety of exams for the topic.     
  • Once you are well over 90%, then read the textbook as revision and deeper learning, do some paper based exams and cover all your bases. Get your base load of knowledge up fast – to race memory loss. (This is why computerised practice exams are so effective).
  • Join our Facebook group to reinforce all your learning, by helping others and asking for help. (It also makes the journey far more social).

All you have to do is… select the licence that is appropriate below….

Important: If you follow these exact methods, this will give you the absolute best chance of a pass you have….

This is amazingly effective:

Saves you so much time its not funny
Avoids so many fails and so much stress
Prepares you for the confusing wording
Prepares you for the types of questions you can expect
Stops you studying irrelevant content
This list could go on and on and on….

There is a massive difference between knowing content and being EXAM READY. 

When you are exam ready you know:

The types of questions and tricks to expect
The exact traps and mistakes that you make
How to deal with difficult questions 
How to keep progressing towards time limits
How to keep working through distractions
How to deal with ambiguous questions
How to cross check your answers
And much more….

Sitting and passing computerised exams, is a skill that has to be learned through practice…


How can PPE get those types of results?


PPE stacks multiple proven techniques…

Check out what our members are saying about PPE….

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Our No Risk Guarantee

If you join and find any of the claims we have made about pass rates or our many, many, happy members to be false, I will not only refund you your money in full, but I will pay you $25! I’m that confident you will find a wonderful, positive community, who loves our practice exams!

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Recreational & Private Pilots Licence


$87 yr
  • RAA Final Prep Exams
  • RPL Final Prep Exams
  • PPL Practice Exams
  • CASA Practice Exams
  • How To Study Videos
  • Access To The Facebook Group
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Perfect To Cover All Bases


$67 yr
  • RAA Final Prep Exams
  • RA Aus Pre Solo Exams
  • RA Aus Air Legislation
  • RA Aus Human Factors
  • RA Aus Meteorology
  • RA Aus Radio
  • Hints Tricks & Advice
  • How To Study Videos
  • Access To The Facebook Group
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Perfect For Rec Pilots


$67 yr
  • PPL Practice Exams
  • CASA Practice Exams
  • Hints Tricks & Advice
  • How To Study Videos
  • Access To The Facebook Group
  • Doesn’t Include BAK or RPL
  • [swpm_payment_button id=4781]
Perfect For GA Pilots

Please Select An Option

Note: Beginning commercial pilots sit RPL and PPL prior to commencing CPL studies.

Note: RPL and PPL are now so similar we are not offering RPL as a separate membership. All people sitting RPL should purchase the RAA & RPL & PPL Combo.


$77 yr
  • Access To RAA & RPL & PPL & CASA
  • RAA Practice Exams
  • RPL Practice Exams
  • PPL Practice Exams
  • CASA Practice Exams
  • How To Study Videos
  • Access To Facebook Group
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Perfect Study!

CPL All 7

$167 yr
  • Incl All 7 Subjects Below
  • Access All 7 Any Time
  • CPL Human Perfromance
  • CPL Rules & Law
  • CPL Aerodynamics
  • CPL Performance
  • CPL General Knowledge
  • CPL Navigation
  • CPL Meteorology
  • **Read Below
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Perfect Study!

CPL Any 1

$47 from
  • Choose Any 1 Subject (3mths access)
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  • [swpm_payment_button id=4125]
  • [swpm_payment_button id=4124]
  • [swpm_payment_button id=4126]
  • [swpm_payment_button id=4123]
  • [swpm_payment_button id=4121]
  • [swpm_payment_button id=4122]
  • **Read Below
Perfect Study!

CPL Exams Information

The “current” membership software limits access to one membership level at a time – candidates requiring access to two membership levels simultaneously will require a second email address.

*Full 7 Subject CPL Deal  – Members have unlimited personal access to all subjects at a time for a membership period is 12 months in total. This is strictly monitored to ensure people are not sharing memberships. We reserve the right to cancel memberships without refund or take legal action against people who breach this licence, by allowing others to use their account.

CPL subjects purchased individually. UNLESS you fail an exam, when you want access to the next subject, you have to relinquish access to your previous subject. You can only be subscribed to one subject at any point in time with a single email address. If you require access to 2 subjects please provide a second email (easy to setup in gmail).


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