RAAus Pilot Certificate

Course Access: 93 days access
Course Overview

For RAA Recreational Aviation Australia
(This is not for the CASA Recreational Pilots Licence)
Course covers all theory needed for the following exams

  • Basic Aeronautical Knowledge For RAA Pilot Certificate
  • Air Legislation For RAA Pilot Certificate
  • Human Factors For For RAA Pilot Certificate
  • Radio Endorsement For RAA Pilot Certificate
  • Navigation Endorsement For RAA Pilot Certificate

No more getting lost in wishy washy pilot textbooks written by other providers 20 years ago and perpetually updated, wondering if you have covered everything. No RAAus pilot textbook required. This is RAAus pilot course becomes your RAAus pilot textbook.

Some members have asked does the RAAus course include our pilot practice exams? The answer is no it does not, but it does include 100 questions to check your knowledge as you go.

So if you’re struggling with all the content, with the illogical order of the textbooks, their missing information, than this is the RAAus pilot course for you.

Course Enrolment is for 93 days.

Course Fee: $67 + Transaction Fee