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Any problems with registering, please contact me via the contact form or [email protected], but be sure to check your email SPAM folder otherwise you may not get my replies. If your PayPal email is an old email you no longer have access to, please email me. 

Note that little chat-bot down the bottom right can help answer lots of questions! 

Please join our Facebook Group with over 2000 other student pilots, its a super valuable learning environment. Wait to be introduced rather than posting a thanks for the ad post. 

If you notice an obvious error, please notify me immediately with a screenshot and brief description of the problem. Note most questions are in random order so I need to be able to see the question, the exam name and the problem . 

This is a community resource and has been built from blood sweat and tears. Please be respectful of the ridiculous time it takes to build it and keep it updated. 

It's not perfect, there may be a few errors and some spelling mistakes, but it get results. So please focus on the 98% of the site that is awesome. 

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