Anthony Driscoll

Wow, best money you will spend.

Finished all 7 CPL subjects. 

Josh Ciliegi

...your exams and this community. It’s bloody brilliant

Finished all 7 CPL subjects. 

You’re looking to pass your pilot exams a without a fail?

Reading this will likely save you 30 - 50 hours study....

And give you a massively increased chance of passing!


You probably feel a bit overwhelmed right? 

Struggling to remember it all...

No idea what to study...

The ridiculous wording of some questions...

Knowing the types of questions...

Being well prepared...

Don't worry! That's exactly what we solve....


You only have to compare our current pass rate of 98%+.....

To the industry pass rate of just 57%....

Yep you heard right 43% FAIL!

Mushahid Salman

PPE website really helped me pass first go!

Passed PPL First Go. 

Bec Smith

I self studied with PPE and was the only one to pass

Scored 95% in PPL First Go

So how can PPE be so much better?

How can PPE be so different?

How can PPE get those types of results?


PPE stacks multiple proven techniques...

It's the combination of these that produces the amazing results.


But How?

The solution to most adult learning issues, almost always involves, the same few common solutions...

Firstly - You need a way to repeatedly and rapidly identify the exact gaps that need to be studied...

Secondly - You need to study those gaps, while trialing various study methods...

Thirdly - You need to choose your most effective study methods based on the data, not guess work....

Finally - You need to continuously cycle through the following super study method....

The Super Study Method

  1. Identify your exact study gaps with a practice exam and record score
  2. Hunt for those answers to fully engage the brain at all times
  3. Study those exact gaps using your best  "active study methods" and "active memory techniques"
  4. Take a break 10-15 minutes minimum (or study something else)
  5. Re-test learning and record results, problem topics & location of content
  6. Repeat until you are almost exam ready! 
  7. Then practice textbook question to make sure you cover all your bases

Laird James Maitland

Thats it 7 of 7 CPL exams Passed. thanks PPE, you rely helped get me through the last 2 Exams. CHUF and CFPA

Jasmyn Seru

Thanks Matthew, I passed both my FRO and Pre solo! definitely contributing the fact the practice exams led me to study the right areas 🙂


  1. ALWAYS initially study using electronic practice exams! Why? Because it dramatically speeds up the study cycles! So lots of repeated cycles locks it INTO MEMORY!
  2. Only go to paper based questions once you are virtually exam ready! Why? Because they slow you down and you FORGET FASTER than you can learn.
  3. Use practice exams FIRST , then the textbook. Why? Because it makes learning faster, more engaging, more measureable and you learn a lot deeper when you hunt for answers instead of passively reading the textbook.

Some common things you may be wondering by now...

Yes they are current, we update them almost every single day….

Yes They are similar to the exams, but the rules prevent cheating…

We word them differently, but you know the right content

Yes they will totally work for you....

No we cannot guarantee a pass...Why? Because individual effort varies so much...

We do not have full banks of questions for PPL (H) or CPL(H) , but we have added A LOT OF (H) questions, especially for CPL Law. We have lots of Helicopter pilots using the site and loving the way it helps...

We now have IREX and ATPL.

Check out what our crew members are saying about PPE....

Adrian Payne

92%, highest score on any of my exams ... I will defiantly be continuing to use PPE

Passed RAA Navigation First Go. 

John Tucker

96%, in my RAA pre-solo. Doing these clearly paid off...

Passed RAA Pre-solo First Go. 

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Darren Cloutang-Crompton

Thanks Matt and to everyone on here who supports PPE.

All 7 CPL passed in just 3 months.

James Lyon

Legend. Phenomenal work on the site has been a lifesaver, really impressive stuff.

Passed CPL Law First Go

Shaun Ward

Passed CHUF with 93% this morning!
Thank you PPE!

CPL HUF passed 

Jason Griffiths

Hi Matt, Thanks for running PPE! I passed the PPL A test yesterday 80%, your site was a huge help in preparation.

Passed PPL

Emma Kennedy

Sat CMET a few weeks ago and the practice exams were fantastic

CPL MET passed 

Viky Berry

Thanks Matthew, I would have struggled so much without PPE.

Passed PPL and is now doing CPL

Tom Byrne

Just passed my PPL....this site was an extremely great help! Highly recommended as most of the content was in my exam.

Joe Cory

CNAV passed with 91%

Studying CPL

Craig Mason

The best thing about PPE would be the visual diagrams and tips with questions and examples of workings, which makes practicing more interesting and engaging.

Viky Berry

The best thing is the awesome community and support you get. You don't only get practice exams with good tips and great videos, you get involved in a great group of people, who are resourses themselves.

An Drew

Friends don't let friends sit pilot exams without showing them PPE

Corey Hawkins

The best thing about PPE is that within minutes you can see changes it your knowledge and you definitely learn from your mistakes. ✈

Sonny Vandenbergh

PPE substantially eases the pain and temptation of banging your head against the wall to check if your alive , when attempting previous casa style learning.

Adam Scott

Excellent resource that is PPE goes hand in hand with this Facebook group. You’re part of a community all in the same boat, which is inspiring in itself. 

Rick Paull

Passed all of the written test a while ago with a hell of a lot of help from pilot practice exams 😙😙😙

Stevie Harding

Passed PPL Exam Today with first attempt / very happy Chappy 🍻😀

Stephen Limkin

Practice, Repeat, Pass

Passed RPL

Stevie J Tuchowski

PPE helps with your study by practicing and testing your knowledge. As well knowing it's not yourself not getting CASA exams but there's other people with the same issue to help out!!

Jason Matthison

WooHooo just passed performance, thanks all for your help especially Josh Ciliegi and Matthew Connors that's all 7 done.

Andrew Webber

Passed CPL Law with an incredible 98% using PPE

Gregg Bisset

2 more exams down RAA Radio and Law 90%+ on both.  Thanks PPE

Ryan Donohue

AAA+++ Would subscribe again

Charlie Grantt

3 weeks prep, plus PPE = Pass

Steven Miller

94% RAA Nav, Thanks Matt.

Hard Work + PPE = Good Results

Robbie Morely

Just passed my PPL theory,  the tests on the website are fantastic.

Kingsley McRea

Just passed my RPL first go, PPE was a big help.

Alistair McNee

How good is PPE, two birds one stone and for less than the cost of a bottle of good whiskey. 96% RAA Law and 82% BAK (in 1 day)

Kaine Sherwood

Pilot practice exams has been so instrumental in my learning. Thanks.

Chris KcKie

Air Leg 96% and HF 94% in one day, website is awesome, made all the difference.

RAA Pilot Certificate

Matt Doyle

93% in PPL, thanks Matt

Shane Burke

PPE was a great help with my theory exams, I highly recommend it.

Thor Cembala

Passed all my theory, PPE was a massive help!

Phillip Ridgeway

The site really helps with learning your stuff.

Lynton Ockwell

Anyone who is not sure on if they should join PPE, trust me it is worth it.

Brendan Cox

94.5% Pre Area solo, thanks to this site 🙂

Michael Wilson

Passed RAA BAK 90%, could not have done it without PPE

Kim McDougal

The best thing about PPE - It Works!

Luke Pruszinski

Favorite thing about the practice exams is the ability to show answers and feedback as you answer questions rather than wait till the end

Sonja Weyrauch

Hello everyone, I finally passed my PPL theory test!! Big thanks to Matt and the website without I would be lost. Keep it up!!!

Lachlan McKenzie

Passed my PPL exam yesterday, 82% on my first crack so I’m pretty happy

Ryno Mikecharliegolf

Passed CPL Air Law today, the new final preps on PPE were very good!

Lachlan McKenzie

Passed BAK with 83% today...PPE definitely helped me out 😀

Shannon Kupfer

Wooo just passed ppl(a) exam 89%. Time for a beer

Michele L Allison

Passed CPL Human Factors first attempt, happy as 😁

Mal Bruce

Passed PPL Theory finally hardest exam ever 16 years of procrastinating over 👍🤪👨‍✈️

Zac Glover

Hey guys! Had my ppl test today. PASSED IT!! Thanks heaps for the access to the ppl exam material. They have all played a role in getting me here.

Brad Todd

Passed Air Law with 90%, practice exams were extremely helpful!

Brad Ayres

It's taken all day, passed my flight test for PPL (helicopter), Thanks PPE!

96% in PPL (H)

Jonathon Hatcher

Your practice exams and study techniques helped me greatly. Passed my RPL exam last Tuesday and passed RPL Nav today

Chris Coffee

Passed my PPL (a) yesterday! Thanks for your site it has been such a great help!

Kai Tan

I passed mu CHUF today with 88%. I’m very thankful!!  Could’ve gotten 90% I just made a stupid mistake.

Rob Jones

Finally!! Got around to doing the BAK and passed today. If you apply the system it works. Happy customer right here!

Baz Barry

You're a champion bro I passed performance today which is my last CPL exam