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Passing your exams in half the time, when you can see your progress at every step and knowing your ready for the exam when it arrives is pure bliss!

Pilot exams can be extremely difficult with the huge content required to learn and the support structures for student pilots are often lacking. Bloated curriculum oriented texts and a lack of access to instructors due to cost, time and transit often leaves students massively unprepared. To make matters worse many students drag their study out over long periods of time hoping that will help and nothing could be further from the truth.

CASA themselves publish their fail rates, and at around 34% its a more than 1 in 3 chance of a fail. RAA is not much better. The current study methods just don't work!

Doing the same 40-80 questions from texts produced years earlier,  just doesn't work! You need more variety, more up to date content in random order to stop the dreaded muscle memory. (PPE) was developed to solve these exact problem. PPE is extremely current, its highly exam focused and very relevant, the questions and answers are randomised to stop muscle memory, there is a huge variety and its self marking which makes it super quick and easy to get the results you need.

Pilot Practice Exams is the solution that lets you rapidly and repeatedly go from test to index, to identify your exact deficiencies and rapidly improve both learning and memory!



Benefit #1: Helps You Save Half The Time Which Is Literally 30-50 hours

Benefit #2: Gives You WAY More Confidence

Benefit #3: Makes It Easy To Pass Exams

Benefit #4: Gives You The Confidence To Know Exactly When You Are Ready To Sit The Exam

Benefit #5: Avoid The Dreaded & Expensive Exam Fails

Benefit #6: The SECRET To Engaging The Brain Every Step Of The Way

Benefit #7: How To Memorise ALL THAT INFORMATION Without Taking 6 Months To Learn It

Benefit #8: Effortlessly Cope With The Many Ambiguous Questions

Benefit #9: Quickly See Massive Improvements Every Step Of The Way

Benefit #10: Escape The STRESS Of Wondering What Is In The Exam

Benefit #11: Discover An Easy Way To STOP Worrying About All The Unknowns

Benefit #12: SAVES YOU $500 - $1500 In Opportunity Cost From Old Study Methods That Don't Work



It really does work! It's so much faster, check out for yourself what our students think about the time savings on offer... 

That's pretty amazing right? All that voted, said 50% or Greater!!!

Not only that but they are repeatedly passing and scoring extremely well. Some are scoring 100%, most are scoring in the mid 90's a few in the 80's and to date (Aug 17) we have never had a single fail that I know of. Check out some of the most recent feedback.


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LOL John, didn't even know he had an exam and rips out 96%, said he should of got 100% and attributes it to us!

Normally to get results like these, you would need to spend countless hours paying instructors to drill things into your head, or you would have to read the textbook front to back 100 times. The cost in lost time is just ridiculous and to pay for that much tuition costs hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars!


So let me ask you a few serious questions:

  • If all it did was save you 5-10 hours with an instructor would it be worth it?

  • If all it did was help you save weeks off your study time would it be worth it?

  • If all it did was got you completely exam ready, knowing exactly what to expect and massively boosted your confidence, would it be worth  it?


In the scheme of flying, this is one of the most affordable things you will ever buy, that will make a MASSIVE difference in saved time, reduced stress and allowing you to actually enjoy learning.

But more importantly it makes you a safer better pilot and your loved ones much safer, because your learn more and retain more!


Normally in aviation a product this good, getting these types of reviews and results would cost you an arm and a leg.  But we have decided to wave bye bye to that sort of thing and we are putting student pilots first!

This ridiculous offer, which is less than the cost of 2 hours with an instructor, its less than the cost of 30 minutes in an aircraft, its less than the cots of used textbook, is going to slash and burn your study time and its going to have you super confident and exam ready!

You get unlimited personal 12 months access to:

  • All the RAA Practice Exam questions and Final Prep Exams
  • The RAA maintainers course (all licences will find this helpful)
  • The RPL Practice Exam questions and Final Prep Exams
  • The PPL Practice Exam questions and Final Prep Exams
  • The Digitised CASA exam questions
  • The Facebook group to discuss with student pilots

Now I know some of you are thinking, Im only RAA or RPL or PPL, but as you will come to learn, each has its own sections that will prove very valuable to students studying other licences.

For example, the RAA section has a lot of terminology and it has the maintenance course section, the RPL has all the aircraft systems info, and the PPL has extensive navigation and weather sections.

Check out this result by Bec in the PPL and she thanked us immensely! I think her face says it all! Within a week of passing Bec headed off around Australia in a Cessna 185!


There is no better way to study!

What is the cost of not doing it this way compared to Just $67

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Pass Your Exams Or Your Money Back!

Our exams are so good we stand by their results. If you prove you did these and fail an exam we will refund 100% of your money. Despite the industry fail rate of 34% we have never had on fail ever! You must:

  • implement our how to study techniques in the how to study section &
  • score over 90% on 2 final prep exams within 24 hours prior to sitting the exam &
  • score over 80% for 4 final prep exams in total within 1 week of your exam