Top 10 Tips For Passing Your RAAus Radio Exam

  1. Know radio is line of site and what blocks it , eg hills.
  2. Know how to properly structure radio calls
  3. Know when to use CTAF, area or unicom/multicom (when high use area >3000, when low use unicom/multicom, when in CTAF use CTAF)
  4. Know your RTF alphabet eg: Alpha Bravo etc
  5. Know how to say time and distance eg 10:30 am is stated “three zero” you won’t need to know “tree ze ro”
  6. Know how and when to call Mayday or Pan
  7. Know where to find CTAF frequencies (hint ERSA)
  8. Know your procedural words
  9. Do some radio practice exams
  10. Know your location calls