Top 10 Tips For Passing Your RAAus Cross Country Flight Test

  1. Don’t panic, there is no trickery, if you proceeded comfortably through your training, the examiner realizes you will become stronger with more experience. They basically want to see you can stay alive, make smart decisions and use the tools, knowledge and skills you have been taught.
  2. Make smart decisions in relation to weather. They want to see you won’t take stupid risks with weather. If in doubt don’t go, turn back or take a safe alternative.
  3. Make sure you can read the NOTAM’s and Weather from NAIPS
  4. Make sure you can fuel plan in flight if they give you an unexpected diversion. They want to know you can fuel plan for new location even if it has a tempo and inter on the weather in NAIPS.
  5. Make sure if they give you an unexpected diversion you can hand draw on a map and quickly come up with a new track and distance.

    Diversion marks hand drawn

    Diversion marks hand drawn in flight

  6. Make sure you can navigate at 500 feet . They will force you low and pretend you have cloud and now need to find your way.
  7. Know how to find your runway distances, CTAF, elevation etc from ERSA, incase they give you a diversion and you need to look them up in flight.
  8. Know you 1 in 60 rule and track made good, they may deliberately take you off course.
  9. Keep track of your time and ground locations regularly. They are likely to get you off course, maybe ask you to close your eyes for 5 or 10 minutes and then locate yourself. If you know where you where 5 or 10 minutes prior, you will be able to perform a search pattern to find a ground feature.
  10. Know how to use your flight calculator. Practice this on the ground till you are an expert at finding time, fuel distance speed and headings for wind correction.