Units Of Measurement

Speed is in knots. A knot is 1 nautical mile per hour. 60 knots is one nautical mile per minute. 120 knots is 2 nautical miles per minute.

Distances between locations is in nautical miles (NM). Runway distances is in kilometer (km) or meters (m)

Elevation of aerodromes or altitude of aircraft and cloud is in feet or foot (ft).

IAS, KIAS – both stand for Indicated airspeed. CAS or KCAS – stand for calibrated airspeed. In RAA aircraft we generally use these four terms interchangeably.

Temperature is given in degrees celsius (°C)

Direction is given in degrees true (°T) or degrees magnetic (°M)

Pressure is given in Hectopascals (hPa)

Weight is given in kilograms (kg) or for some aircraft from the US in ponds (lb)

Volume of liquids is in litres (L). One Us gallon is 3.8 L