Wind Direction & QNH Phraseology

Wind Speed & Direction

When we talk about wind we almost always need both speed and direction. It is generally written like this:

100/15 which means wind is from 100° at 15 knots

When we speak about wind on the radio we ad the word wind as a prefix and the word degrees as a suffix, before then giving the wind speed and knots as a suffix

Eg: Wind Wun Ze Ro ZeRo Degrees Wun fife Knots



QNH can be local QNH, area QNH or standard QNH (1013)

Standard QNH mainly applies above 10,000 and we don’t fly there, so no need to worry about it.

However when we talk about QNH and there may be some confusion about whether its local or area, it is best to prefix it with “local QNH”   or “area QNH”.

Some people will say it should be obvious which QNH people are on, but if in  doubt it doesn’t hurt to prefix it or ask.

QNH is always a three or four digit number

QNH 1121 would be pronounced on the radio as   QNH Wun Wun Too Wun