Speed & Distance Phraseology

Aircraft Speed

When talking about speed we are generally talking about wind speed, ground speed , TAS or IAS

It is important if you are conversing with another aircraft about your own speed or their speed both pilots are sure which speed they are talking about. In which case any mention of speed should be prefixed with

“IAS speed”  or “TAS speed” or “Ground speed”

An aircraft travelling at 95 knots would say and talking to CYB

Port Macquarie, Char Lee Yang kee Brah Voh, Foxbat twelve thirty fow er Ground speed Nin Er Fife knots, Port Macquarie



Sometimes  distance needs to be qualified and other times it doesn’t.

Altitude is always in feet and needs no suffix

When we are talking about altitudes of aircraft or clouds we do not use a suffix of feet. For example if and aircraft or cloud base was at 7500 feet and we where asked the altitude of either, we would simply say:

Sev En Tou Sand Fife Hun Dred


Is given in meters or kilometers and needs to be qualified

Eg: Visibility Wun Ze Ro kilometers

or Visibility Tree Tou Sand metres