Radio Transmitting Technique

Position Of Mic

Boom mic’s should generally be just touching the lip

For handheld mic’s the surface should generally be flat to the face and touching the top lip



  1. Ensure you are on correct frequency
  2. *Ensure no one else is transmitting or in an important back and fourth dialogue with another station
  3. *Think through your call before you transmit
  4. *Pause slightly after pressing the button so you don’t clip the start of your conversation
  5. *Pause slightly before releasing the button so you don’t clip the end of your conversation
  6. *Speak clear, concise and use correct phraseology
  7. Speaking rate should be around 100 words per minute
  8. If you don’t understand something request they  “say again”
  9. If you realise you made a mistake repeat your call with , “correction” eg: Correction Foxbat 1234 is in the SW training area not the NW.