Radio Troubleshooting And Failure

If your radio appears to have failed, its important you try to diagnose the problem before giving up. Remember other aircraft are 8 times more likely to see you, if you make broadcasts.

In the event of failure squawk 7600 on the transponder

If in doubt transmit by saying “Transmitting blind”


Radio Ttroubleshooting

  1. Check master switch
  2. Check circuit breakers
  3. Check volume
  4. Check squelch
  5. Check radio power button
  6. Check frequency
  7. Check mic input plug and earphone output plug
  8. Check switches on headphones, or batteries (always carry spare high quality batteries)
  9. Try alternative headphones if in aircraft
  10. Try climbing in altitude

Transmitter Failure is simple as they won’t hear you, but you can hear them. When your receiver fails, you have no idea if they can hear you or not.

If you think you cant hear them, then with each positional call you make pre fix it with “Transmitting Blind”