Radio & Time Checks

If there is a doubt as to your radio serviceability, a pilot should perform a radio check.

A radio check will give you a readability score from 1-5

  1. Unreadable
  2. Readable now and then
  3. Readable but with difficulty
  4. Readable
  5. Perfectly readable


A radio check prior to flight is done on the area frequency by saying:

Brisbane Center or Melbourne Center , Callsign , Preflight check, Frequency

Eg: Brisbane Center, Foxbat twelve thirty four, preflight check, one two zero decimal six

ATC will then read back something like

Foxbat twelve thirty four, Brisbane Center, readability 5


A radio check on a CTAF is done on the CTAF by saying:

All stations Port Macquarie, Foxbat twelve thirty four, radio check

Sometimes radio check may be substituted with the words “signal check”


Time Check

Rarely you may be asked for a time check by a pilot who needs assistance in checking time accuracy. They would use the words “time check”. If the time was 12:35 pm and 13 seconds your response would be “Time 35”. Just round the minute up or down and ignore the hour.