When we broadcast on a radio, anyone on the frequency hears what you say. For this reason we need to be professional, concise and let people know who we are broadcasting for. This is done at the very start of any radio call.


When we want to broadcast to all traffic in a CTAF

we prefix our call with

Location….Traffic , eg: Port Macquarie traffic


When we want to broadcast to all stations in the area

We prefix our call with

Any station Location eg: Any Station Port Macquarie


When we want to call Air Traffic Control (ATC)

we prefix our call with the following and we provide our frequency

Brisbane Center Flightwatch, Foxbat 1234, wun two two decimal six, request  QNH area 20

Melbourne Center Flightwatch ……. (if in the Melboune CTA areas).



When we want to ball another aircraft 

we prefix our call with

QLink 355

Qantas 756

Velocity 676

Rex 544


When we are on Area frequency and we want to alert others of our position 

we prefix our call with

All stations  eg: All stations, Foxbat 1234……


Group Form Numbers

When calling RAAus aircraft they have 4 numbers, this can make it difficult to remember. As a result we often use group form in our numbers.  Foxbat 1234 could be pronounced as:

Foxbat one two three four, or

Foxbat twelve thirty four

Either combination is acceptable.