$ Raised So Far

Charity Bug Bounty Up To $1 Per Bug + Multiple Prizes

Join in on the fantastic initiative to make PPE even better for the entire crew, while also helping a worthy cause.

  • Raise money for a charity
  • Report errors to make the site even better
  • Contribute towards the cause

Please follow the guidelines bellow so we can maximise the efficiency of the process for everyone.


Bug Splat Rates


We will pay the following rates to a charity for bugs up to a total of $1000 and in accordance with all the info on this page:

  • Minor bugs 25c per bug, e.g. spelling typos etc
  • Medium bugs eg a wrong reference or minor working corrections 50c
  • Major bugs with a fair bit of working or diagrams that are fully explained by the bug finder $1 per bug

Please follow the guidelines bellow so we can maximise the efficiency.


1st Prize - A full years subscription to any one level of PPE*

Runner Up Prize - A full years subscription to any one level of PPE at 70% off the normal rate*

Other Prizes - include PPE T-shirts and PPE Pens

How to win, report bugs and every detailed bug report you give grabs you an entry in the prize draws.


What We Need

If its a spelling, grammatical or minor typo, please send just a photo and brief explanation to the email below. But please make sure we know exactly which exam and please explain what the issue is.


If its a more major error with a calculation problem or working error , please follow these guidelines.

Take a decent screenshot of the question and the issue with following:

  1. We must know which exam it is in
  2. We must be able to see the question, answer and response
  3. We need you to tell us exactly whats wrong , why its wrong and how you know or can prove its wrong.
  4. If a reference is wrong, can you please help by supplying the new one and check its current.


Tips To Make It Easier

Most browsers have plugins or extensions that add functionality to your browser. Using some form of web clipper or screenshot plugin works best, but please try to avoid sending screenshots from dual monitors, showing both monitors.

Suggested web clippers to make it easy:

  1. Full page screen capture for Chrome
  2. Evernote or One Note for Windows
  3. Evernote, One Note for IOS / Mac

How to Print Screen and paste into a program like Paint.

  1. Press Fn and PrtSC simultaneously. This takes an image of your screen.
  2. Open Paint or similar and then press Ctrl and V simultaneously to paste.
  3. Press Ctrl and A  simultaneously. This selects everything.
  4. Drag it to the top left to chop of anything on the left and top you do not want visible.
  5. Then grab the bottom right corner and drag it into chop off anything on the bottom and right you do not want.
  6. You now have your cropped image which you can use in the email Save it and include it as an attachment. Preferably paste it as a visible part of the email.

The Email Subject Line

Put the email Subject as:  Exam Name Bug Bounty Aeroplane or Helicopter

e.g. RAA Radio 1 Bug Bounty Aeroplane

e.g. RPL Final Prep 3 Bug Bounty Aeroplane

e.g. PPL Helicopter 1 Bug Bounty Helicopter

For CPL and ATPL subjects put the subject first

e.g. CFPA Final Prep 1 Bug Bounty Aeroplane

e.g. CFPH Final Prep 1 Bug Bounty Helicopter

Where To Send It

Image 2019-04-20 at 6.16.21 AM

Terms & Conditions

  1. Round 1 of the bug bounty goes from now until the end of May 2019
  2. The choice of charity or charities will be made by Matt and Lisa and will likely be an aviation or aeromedical charity that transports or assists in transport of sick, injured or frail in some way. Failing that it will likely be a charity for children within Australia.
  3. The limit of this initial bug bounty is $1000.
  4. Each bug will only be paid once. So if two people report the same problem, we make one donation for that bug.
  5. We will attempt to fix bugs promptly to avoid double reports.
  6. * Must be redeemed by 20/4/2020. Not redeemable as a refund or cash. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.