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ARFOR Update From This Feedback Mar 5th 2017

This is a quick 5 question update to take into account the changes mentioned by Sergey in regard to ARFOR. Be sure to download or open the ARFOR PDF in a new tab for these questions.

PPL Final Prep

This is our latest PPL exam and the best indication you will have of your progress.

TEM Final Prep

This is our latest TEM for Threat Error Management

PPL Final Prep 2

60 random questions from the PPL and CASA question banks. Most difficult.

CASA Full 60

Also use this as final prep. 60 questions drawn from the CASA samples.

Charts Advice

CASA identified charts as a cause of fails. Make sure you read this section.

ARFOR Advice

CASA identified ARFOR as a cause of fails. Make sure you read this section.

Loading Systems

Loading Questions, this exam is in early development, pls provide feedback.

PPL Performance 1

Do 35 questions

ISA, Density & Pressure Altitude

Forces, Air Speeds

PPL Performance 2

Do 40 questions, IAS, TAS, CAS

Calculations, Aircraft Category,

W&Bal, TO & L Performance, Alpha Chart

PPL Aircraft Weights

Do 15 questions. TOW, Moments

Moment Index, Load Distribution

W&Bal, Take Off Performance

PPL Meteorology 1

Do 15 questions, 1 of 6 exams

Layers, Ozone, Vapour,

Pressure Systems

PPL Meteorology 2

Do 15 questions, 2 of 6 exams

Layers, Ozone, Vapour,

Synoptic Charts & More

PPL Meteorology 3

Do 15 questions, 3 of 6 exams

Synoptic Charts, Gradients

Sea Breeze & More

PPL Meteorology 4

Do 15 questions, 4 of 6 exams

Wind, Wind Directions

Atmospheric Water

PPL Meteorology 5

Do 15 questions, 5 of 6 exams

Humidity, Dew Point

Inversion, Instability

PPL Meteorology 6

Do 15 questions, 6 of 6 exams

Fronts, Front Types

Wind Directions

PPL Local Meteorology

Do 20 questions, 1 of 4 exams

Cloud Formation, Cloud Types

Turbulence, Convergence

PPL Local Meteorology 2

Do 15 questions, 2 of 4 exams

Cloud Effects, ETAGE

Air Mass & Movement

PPL Local Meteorology 3

Do 15 questions, 3 of 4 exams

Fronts, Fog, Mist

Fog Types, VFR In Fog

PPL Local Meteorology 4

Do 15 questions, 4 of 4 exams

Mountain Wave, Lee

Rotors, Crossing Ranges

PPL Ice 1

Do 15 questions, 1 of 2 exams

Ice, Types, Formation

Conditions, Temps

PPL Ice 2

Do 10 questions, 2 of 2 exams

Frost, Ice Removal

Frost Formation

PPL Thunderstorms

Do 15 questions

Thunderstorms, Stages

Dangers, Levels

PPL Other Storms

Do 10 questions

Cyclones, Dust,

Tornadoes, Waterspouts

PPL Operational Met..

Do 15 questions, 1 of 2 exams

ARFOR, Abbrev...

Cloud, Visibility etc

PPL Operational Met 2

Do 20 questions, 2 of 2 exams

Reading ARFOR TAF etc

Warning Difficult


Do 15 of 15 questions

ARFOR, Oktas

Fuel Reserve

Flight Notifications

Do 10 of 10 questions

Submitting Flight

Notifications to AA

Flight Navigation 2

Do 17 questions, 2 of 3 exams

Charts, Distance, Speeds

Fuel Planning & Calcs

Flight Navig 3 Time

Do 11 questions, 2 of 3 exams



PPL Preflight Planning

Do 15 questions

Track, Drift, GS, TAS

M° v  T°, Descents

PPL Enroute Navigation

Do 10 questions

TMG, 1in 60, Map to G

Fixing Positions

ATC Phrases - FREE


Do 10 of 16 questions  on ATC phrases

Review Quiz to see answers.

PPL Flight Rules

Do 15 questions

Circuits, Calls, Indicators

Remote, Over Water

PPL Airspace

Do 15 questions

Classes, Procedures

CTR, Readbacks

PPL Maint & Inspections

Do 8 questions

Daily Inspections, Releases

Maint Allowed by PIC

RTF Alphabet

Do 26 questions

As Multi choice or

Fill In the Blank

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